All the islands return to a low risk level for COVID

All the islands return to a low risk level for COVID

The Ministry of Health has reported that La Gomera has followed Gran Canaria and returned to level 1 alert for Covid due to the evolution of its care indicators, after reviewing the weekly report from the Public Health Committee yesterday (Thursday), meaning all of the islands are back at a low level of health risk.

In the archipelago as a whole, the daily average occupancy of conventional hospital beds by patients with coronavirus stands at 2.72%, which is at a low risk level or in controlled circulation across the islands.

The number of occupied ICU beds remains in controlled circulation on all the islands, with an average weekly occupancy of 2.35%

The Cumulative Incidence rate over seven days for people over 60 years of age stands has also dropped and now stands at 92.47 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In this parameter, all the islands remain at a low-risk level or controlled circulation, except La Gomera, which is at a medium-risk level.