All islands are on pre-alert for extreme temperatures starting tomorrow

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 30-09-2023
  • National
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All islands are on pre-alert for extreme temperatures starting tomorrow

The Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has extended the yellow alert for a Calima to all of the Canary Islands from tomorrow, Sunday 1st October. The General Directorate of Emergencies for the regional Government has issued a pre-alert for high temperatures due to the arrival of a heatwave expected to affect the entire archipelago.

High temperatures are expected to persist all of next week, particularly in the southern half of the islands with temperatures exceeding 34 degrees Celsius in these areas.

This decision for the alert has been made in accordance with the Specific Emergency Plan for Adverse Meteorological Phenomena Risks in the Canary Islands (PEFMA) and based on available meteorological information.

The Government of the Canary Islands is urging the public to take precautions and follow self-protection advice provided by the General Directorate of Security and Emergencies:

1 Stay hydrated.

2 Avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

3 Wear lightweight and light-coloured clothing.

4 Pay special attention to vulnerable population groups, such as children, the elderly, and individuals with chronic health issues.

Furthermore, the population is advised to stay updated on weather forecasts and follow the instructions of local authorities in case of additional safety advisories.