Colourful kites fill the skies of Corralejo

Colourful kites fill the skies of Corralejo

The 36th edition of the International Kite Festival in Corralejo is already painting the skies of Fuerteventura with colour and movement as over 200 enthusiasts are participating in this year’s event which runs until Sunday (November 12th).

210 kite enthusiasts from over twenty different countries, including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain tested the wind conditions in an exhibition day yesterday (Thursday) held at La Concha Beach in El Cotillo, with clear skies, a multitude of curious onlookers, and extraordinary temperatures for the middle of November.

Kites of all sizes and colours experienced challenging winds which reached speeds exceeding 25 kilometres per hour, setting the stage for a weekend where more favourable conditions are expected. La Concha offered both the spectacle of enormous static kites and the graceful movements of acrobatic kites yesterday.

The mayor of La Oliva, the organizing municipality, emphasized the event's dedication to preserving the environment and promoting sustainability: "The International Kite Festival is an iconic event that has been an essential part of life in La Oliva over the years. It embodies a harmonious connection between tourism and the environment, and we will continue to advocate for its preservation."

In this year’s festival, the La Oliva Council has particularly emphasized the protection of the natural landscape of the Corralejo sand dunes, not only through a special bus service to attend the event but also with a series of guides to direct visitors on paths that avoid damaging the endemic flora of the area.

The inaugural flight will take place at Las Grandes Playas de Corralejo this morning (Friday) at 10:00am, a location that is being used for the second year running after the resounding success of last year.