Tenerife’s marvels: some free, some expensive

TENERIFE is the most-talked-about island: tropical paradise or Babylonian hell? Perfect retirement haven, or landing port for party goers?In this article, I will give you my personal, possibly-unrequired, opinion. I’ll start by describing my first impression, the day I got off the plane, five years ago, in the remote year 2013.It was a shock. I came here after living for many years in Honduras, country of wild, lush forests, white, velvety beaches and turquoise waters, and the first impact with the densely-built south was brutal. I have never before seen so many hotels, not even in Sharm El Sheikh, the Egyptian location famous for being composed of, almost exclusively, hotels.

In addition, the place where I spent my first week was horrendous. I won’t disclose the name, but it has quite a reputation among cockroaches, if you’d like to go and ask them for an opinion.

Nevertheless, something has led me to stay here. We are in 2018, five years from my arrival, and I can pretty much say that I’ve learned to love this place that has now become my home. Yes, you got it right. I’ve learned to love this place!

After all, Tenerife is neither Paradise nor Babylon. It is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, opposite theAfrican coast. It is a rocky colossus that stands tall, peaking at 3700m above sea level. It is a land of wind, water, fire and earth.

It is a place, far and above the definitions we humans give it. We are the ones capable of seeing the positive or the negative side, depending mostly on our mind-set and our emotions.

Possibly having some advice from a passionate local guide, and knowing where to address our attention, can help us to appreciate the good of a place, so here I am offering you a few hints and suggestions about the things that, according to me, make Tenerife a place worthy of being explored and respected.

Morphology: Tenerife is the tenth-highest island on the planet. Its 3718m peak is often covered in snow during the wintertime, and you could enjoy this majestic view from a sunbathed beach. You could have a sailing excursion to admire whales and dolphins during the day, and then enjoy a star-gazing evening, right underneath the galactic centre, with perfectly-clear air at higher altitudes. You can spend amazing days, halfway between ocean and mountain, accompanied by specialised guides.

Culture and celebrations: Tenerife and the Canary Islands have been, since the days of Columbus, a place where many different cultures meet: the Spanish colonial, the Berbers and their Guanche descendants, the South American one. All of them left a mark on the island.

Today, Tenerife is a multicultural hub. You could be sipping a “cortado” coffee, whilst chatting in English, Spanish or Italian, just to name a few of the languages spoken on the Island; a true example of “globalisation”, in the most positive sense.

Tenerife is also the scenography for one of the biggest carnivals in the world: the carnival of Santa Cruz. If you haven’t been there yet, this is something to be seen. Given the size and importance of the event, I recommend using a reputable agency to organise your excursion to the carnival.

Last, but not least, the Romeria, the Mage Kings ride; there are celebrations for everybody, all year round.

Honourable mention to the gastronomy; rich and tasty, influenced by continental Spain and South America, including thousands of local delicacies – “arepas”, “puchero canario” and “quesillo”, to name just a few. And that’s not all. Thanks to tourism and modernisation, in this case, you will be able to find the best, international culinary traditions, as well as a firmament of Michelin stars for the most demanding taste buds.

All this, and much more, just a few hours away from the main, European cities. Come to visit our offices in Los Cristianos, where you will find the best excursions of the island at the best rates, and a team of people who love Tenerife and will show you its best side.



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