A “T” total experience!

Hola again, to all you lovely readers, from all of us here at Keddy’s Entertainment. We so enjoy interviewing our talented artistes, on this glorious island of Tenerife.

This month, we caught up with Scotty T of T Total Experience, to find out what spurred him on to pursue his career.

“I was in my last year of primary school,” he recalled. “It was that time of year where plans for the annual school play were developing. Normally, parts were just handed out. However, this time, they decided to hold on-the-spot auditions.

“There was no time to prepare, and it was all spur of the moment.

We could either read a section of something, or sing! I don’t know why, but the idea came into my head to sing Apologise, by One Republic. I had never even rehearsed it before. Afterwards, my classmates came up to me and were saying how good I was.

“I used to go to an after-school club. It had a games console, with a karaoke video game called Singstar. It was a plug-in microphone instead of a controller, and I picked the song I Want You Back, by The Jackson 5. People started to encourage me to sing, even more.

“That’s when I went home and mentioned it to my parents. My dad has been an entertainer for many years, and I asked if I could have a go on his setup. I sang Ben, by Michael Jackson. It was then that my parents saw I had some good tones and true potential.”

Scotty’s family decided to move to Tenerife in the summer, just after he finished his final year at primary school, in the UK. Five years ago, when he was 17, and just before he turned professional, he had the opportunity to become an apprentice of sorts, to the talented David Ormond, aka our famous Tenerife drag star, Miss Crystal Star, proprietor of Crystals Palace on The Patch in Las Americas.  His brother Adam managed the bar.

“I would sometimes play, almost as a support act. David would let me perform a short spot, early evening, while Miss Crystal was getting ready. It really helped me to grow as a performer, and I gained a lot of experience from it.

“I sing anything from soul classics to modern tunes. I’m also working on a ‘britop’ show that will be available soon. I like to sing to please the crowd, and try my best to accommodate everyone. I also incorporate some other genres, such as hip-hop and rap.

“When I was six years old, I can remember hearing Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP. To this day, I still think it is one of the best albums ever – a true, iconic masterpiece! He is one of my idols, and I think he is why I can rap today. And, in my opinion, he is the reason a lot of other people can, too!

“Ed Sheeran is another artiste whose music I love. He is huge all around the world, yet so down to earth. I admire him for being so grounded. That’s how I would want to be, if ever I were fortunate enough to become so famous!”

“I’m very much a proper geek, to be honest! I enjoy football, and have started, recently, playing five-a-side games, twice a week. I like video games and watching Netflix, and I don’t go out that much. I don’t even drink. I’m probably out of place on this island, where most people like to party!

“I began working on my own music, about three years ago, and

I used to go by the name, The Scotty T Show. I released an EP called Reflections, comprising five tracks that I’m pretty satisfied with. Unfortunately, I fell out of love with The Scotty T Show, so I recently changed my name to Scotty T.

“I feel there is a difference between Scotty T the entertainer, and Scotty T the songwriter. I wanted a name that, I believe, fits my music and vibe a little better. So I came up with Goodnight Clementine. You can find my most recent single, Friend, on most music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music and Google Play, and many more, under the name Goodnight Clementine.”

So what more do we all expect to hear and see from Scotty T and Goodnight Clementine, in the future?

“I’m planning to release a couple more Goodnight Clementine singles soon, and, in a couple of months, my first album. As for Scotty T, I’ll carry on entertaining the crowds. I want to travel more, and keep doing the things I love, with the people I love.”

Well, that’s a sentiment we at Keddy’s Entertainment certainly endorse. We all wish Scotty T every success, and lots of happy days in the future! To find out more about the world of Keddy’s Entertainment, check out our Facebook page @keddysentertainmentpage


























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