Swimming-pool maintenance

THERE are many potential issues that can occur if a swimming pool is not correctly maintained.

We are able to offer regular visits, and are happy to offer a free, no-obligation visit to discuss individual requirements, from a basic, maintenance package through to a full, pool renovation, if it has fallen into disrepair.

Firstly, we would always stress it is vital to check over your swimming pool at least twice a week, to keep water levels healthy and safe to swim in. Bacteria and algae can grow quickly, especially if the acidity levels are incorrect, and insufficient maintenance and cleaning is carried out.

pH levels: check the pH levels with a simple kit. A normal healthy level should read between 7-7.2. It is vital to adjust the level by adding the correct chemical, according to the reading (above or below 7.2).

Chemicals: When adding chemicals, add them to a bucket of fresh water in order for the chemical to fully dissolve. Then add slowly to the pool. Please always follow the advice given on the instruction pack, because these chemicals are potentially dangerous, if not used correctly.

Chlorine: without chlorine, a pool is unsafe to use. It is required to keep pools and jacuzzis free of those bacteria which are hazardous to humans. Although chlorine is useful, it does, unfortunately, have side effects. It gives off an unpleasant smell and can affect the skin, causing itchiness and irritation.

Red, sore eyes, along with dry skin and hair, are also common side effects. We can reduce irritation to our bodies by showering immediately before getting into a pool, as this will wash off perfumes and natural body oils and odours that will react with the chlorine. It is also beneficial to shower immediately after swimming.

Twice-weekly checks: these include the pH levels, chlorine, water level, and that the pump and filters are running correctly, plus monitoring algae growth.

Cleaning: vacuum and brushing the walls and floors will remove any dust and possible algae growth. We would recommend that this is done twice a week. Keeping the pool clean will mean less chlorine will be required.

Other chemicals: during the height of summer,when the pool is getting lots of use, additional chemicals are recommended to keep algae and bacteria under control. When any chemicals are added, we would advise  allowing two hours before using the pool.

Finally, for the safety of all users, we would suggest not swimming alone, and it is vital that all young children are supervised by a confident, adult swimmer. If you have difficulty, or are unsure about what to do, please consult a professional. Most of all, enjoy and stay safe!




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