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ENTERTAINMENT is made up of many varied and different components, enabling a customer to be entertained by a great act, show or artiste, which include venue facilities, atmosphere, and environment.

Keddy’s Entertainment are passionate about the overall customer experience, so we thought we’d do something a little bit different; a feedback factor which we consider to be extremely important. Our findings will be useful to report, because all feedback, so they say, is a gift!

Recently, we undertook a live customer survey, and our fabulous Keddy’s Entertainment manager, Natalie, literally hit the streets. She met folk, canvassing various views and opinions, directly from our very welcome visitors and residents. These weren’t just about overt entertainment, but included the entire mix of our entertainment menu.

This is what makes up valuable customer experience and a sure recipe for success. We thought we’d look at some “can-do” practical measures, which, according to our interviewees, will help go a long way to create and enhance our customer experience, and under-pin the complete entertainment package. And the alternative flip side is not just considering that particular night’s entertainment offering.

Questions we included were:

When choosing a venue, what do you look for?

If you had a wish list, what might that be? Free beer, although a popular wish, is, unfortunately, not an option!

What is missing for you, entertainment-wise?

We thought it would be interesting to report on our “straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth” (or “hot-off-the-press”) findings!

Tribute acts featured highly as an attraction and draw, as did soul, motown and live bands. Drag acts and quizzes were also enjoyed. The calibre of entertainment was highly praised, within the shows, bars and hotels.

A regular mention and gripe was the lack of comfortable seats in bars, with clean cushions. This was an element that drew and attracted many, especially the more-mature holiday-maker, who echoed this sentiment. Plastic or metal-type, hard chairs were a turn off, but our younger holiday makers weren’t as worried about chairs being comfortable.

Cold beer, with mats provided, was a definite must, especially in the heat we are experiencing in the height of summer. Toilets were also high on the list of essential criteria, with some people checking out how many loos there were, and cleanliness, moving on if they weren’t adequate.

Happy, smiling staff were important, and some friendly banter was very well received. It’s common sense, really, to most of us, but, according to our clients, sadly not always that common!

Comperes remembering faces of returning customers was deemed very endearing and welcoming, and Happy Hours, at appropriate times, were also a good magnet, not at “silly o’clock”, as one chap put it!

A common theme  was the complete lack of entertainment for children. A family holiday booking with a hotel which doesn’t provide children’s entertainment means that they will look to bars and venues to provide some.

Our survey suggested that there weren’t many around! A clear resounding message was that more family-orientated entertainment would provide a much-needed service. It would plug a big gap for those families who weren’t staying in hotels and accommodation, where family-focused entertainment was provided. And, of course, it would help to increase revenue and business in bars, perhaps during quieter periods?

This was firmly highlighted by a lovely family with two children, loudly endorsed by six-year-old Amy, and Owen, 8. We said we’d mention them!

It was apparent that there was a lot of room for development in this area, regarding entertainment delivery.

It’s often on very late, with adult-themed entertainment provided, and maybe some karaoke, but not much is family-focused. Feedback showed that something should be provided earlier in the evenings, before the adult entertainment begins. Most bars tend to start off around 9pm, so some children’s entertainment between 7-9 pm would be very well received.

One quote that sums it up nicely, which, with pride, we’re borrowing from Jim is: “Happy, entertained children let us have some well-deserved peace, with a few beers for me, and a couple of cheeky cocktails for the Mrs!”

We had positive feedback about some excellent excursions, with daytime and evening events. However, some said that not much seems to have changed, so, once you’ve been, there didn’t seem to be many opportunities for experiencing something different.

Obviously, looking at these various elements and stands will assist in encouraging more repeat visitors. And, in an ever-changing competitive holiday world, to ignore such feedback would be at our peril. Repeat custom, and happy customers spreading the word, are what businesses and Tenerife want to achieve.

These comments are a evidence-based gauge, and provide a guide in helping us plan our new ventures, to positively enhance our entertainment offerings. And they demonstrate that we are actively listening to our customers’ expectations and needs.

Keddy’s Entertainment are in the business of creating many happy memories, with lots more to come. So, what better way than to share what our survey told us. We always welcome constructive, focused feedback.

So, on that note, all of us at  Keddy’s Entertainment want to thank those who took the time to stop and chat with Natalie, answering our questions and telling us much more. We are in the process of planning and developing new entertainment products.

It was a pleasure to meet you; you’re what makes it all worthwhile, and we look forward to having you here with us again, very soon.


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