Shaz Hunter ‘behind the beard’

The Sky Bar in Puerto Colon has established itself as one the top cabaret bars in Tenerife in the last 5 years, under the management of Baz.

The best of the best local acts grace the stage seven nights a week, hosted by resident compere, and the current holder of the Tenerife Entertainment Awards Best Compere 2018, Didi, plus several famous faces have performed there including Jimmy Cricket, Mick Miller, and Duncan Nourvelle.

Following a recent refurbishment, the Sky Bar is welcoming the biggest name of them all on Tuesday 5th February, when comedienne Shaz Hunter makes her debut on this now famous stage.

Canarian Weekly went ‘behind the beard’ to find out more about this enigmatic artiste by talking to manager Baz, and the great lady herself!

CW: So Baz, tell our readers a bit about yourself for those who don’t know you.

BAZ: I’m originally from Leeds and first came to Tenerife 13 years ago when I was 18. Like everyone that age I just came for a ‘summer of fun’ and worked mainly in Starco at Edwards and Yates. I then went back to the UK for five years and carried on my trade as a butcher and market trader, coming back to Tenerife in 2013. After a short stint in town again, I took over as manager of Sky Bar in August 2014, and haven’t looked back since.

CW: Has Did always been the compere, and how pleased were you when he won Best Compere at the TEAs last year?

BAZ: No, when I first started we did more chill out music and acoustic sets, but I started to put on a couple of comedians and variety shows as I’m a massive comedy fan, and the bar got busier and busier. At the time Didi was successful on the circuit in bands and as a soloist, and we wanted something different, so we spoke and he joined in 2015. I was made up when he won the award in October as it’s the first solo award he’s won, after his infamous ‘mankini’ performance with Kick to win best Band in 2012.

CW: Sky Bar made a series of videos leading up to the awards with Didi in them, but was that Shaz Hunter in the second one?

BAZ: It was, but as she did it as a favour so we changed her name to Chloe to protect her identity. Although she did say as a bet she would perform at the Sky Bar if Didi won, and here we are. All I can say is I’m pleased it’s Shaz performing and not me as I’d be terrified, I’ve NEVER actually picked up a mic!

CW: So how do you feel now that it’s a reality?

BAZ: Very nervous. To be honest I haven’t seen Shaz perform her stand up show before, and it’s proving to be a very busy event and I’ve heard that she can be a bit blue and doesn’t take any prisoners, so I’m not sure what to expect.

CW: Has she been very demanding about her performance?

BAZ: Demanding! She’s definitely the most demanding act ever to grace to Sky Bar’s stage, her rider is huge. I mean one of the things the rider requires is 12 roses in her dressing room. I wouldn’t mind but who sells tins of Cadburys Roses at this time of year? And we even had to completely refurbish the bar to her standards!

CW: Lastly, what are you hoping from Shaz Hunter’s show?

BAZ: I just really hope she’s funny.

Having spoken to Baz from the Sky Bar, it was now time to chat to the woman herself, so after being kept waiting for a short while, enter Shaz Hunter.

CW: Wow, Shaz, great to meet you, and can we say you look amazing today, but for our readers, tell us about yourself.

SHAZ: Well firstly a lady never reveals her age so I’ll keep you guessing on that one, but I’m a Yorkshire lass who for several years has been at Greggs as a quality control officer, which I loved and got a great sense of achievement from, but I believe I belong on stage giving myself to people.

CW: Ok…. And how did you discover that?

SHAZ: Well basically it was after going viral on Facebook in Didi’s video for the TEA awards and being catapulted into the limelight. Even though my name was changed in the video, people still recognised me on the streets in Tenerife, Yorkshire, in fact every street I was hanging out on. The public were really nice, complimenting my performance, asking for selfies, some cars even stopped and offered me money! It was at this point I realised I was destined for bigger things and I told Baz that if Didi won an award, that I would make my comedy debut at the Sky Bar.

CW: It’s been said that you are a Yorkshire diva, is there anyone famous you see in you?

SHAZ: Well darling obviously there’s loads of A-listers I’d like to see in me, but I think that Queen Gemma of TOWIE and I have sooo much in common. After all, we are both uber glamorous, outgoing, larger than life characters… and I can’t ice skate either!

CW: So what can we expect from your show?

SHAZ: Well, to be honest, now I have this opportunity I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and riding it. Expect the unexpected with some stand up and maybe a song, and of course a few surprises, it’s an adult only show, so strap in!

CW: We’ve seen on your facebook page ‘Shaz Hunter Live’ that you’ve certainly been around promoting the show, where have you been?

SHAZ: Ooh yes, all the glam places: Barcelona, Prague, Hollywood, even Hull, they’ve all been Shaz’d on my promotional tour.

CW: Finally, where do you see this taking you in the future?

SHAZ: Well hopefully my own TV show TOWIY, The Only Way Is Yorkshire, to find me a future husband, and then on to the Real Housewives Of Yorkshire… that’s the dream.

Shaz Hunter will be performing on Tuesday 5th February at the Sky Bar in Puerto Colon, hosted by Didi with James & Jones the Jersey Boys, The Ska Show, and Jamie Droo,

Tickets are only 10 euros from the bar with all proceeds going to Helping Hands, 4A Friends Of Animals, and Live Arico, so don’t miss out.

Baz will be hiding in the dressing room hoping all goes well!



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