Schoolboy, 17, cooks the books… in a microwave!

A SCHOOL in Lincolnshire has banned bags for health and safety reasons, which has merely inspired some pupils to get creative with how they carry their books, especially 17-year-old A-level student Jacob Ford.

He disagreed with Spalding Grammar School’s policy after sixth-formers were ordered not to carry bags between classes.

The school said “injury was being caused to younger students” because of “ever-larger bags” being carried on their shoulders. Instead, they are being encouraged to carry books by hand between lessons.

But that didn’t phase Jacob, who carried his books in a microwave to prove a point Previously, bags were not allowed in years 7-11, but, until this year, they were allowed for sixth-formers.

Jacob, however, staged a silent protest by using a wicker-basket and a microwave after a petition began. He also wrote a 3,000-word essay, in which he said a compromise could be made.

He ended up being suspended for two days, after refusing to hand over his mobile phone, which he used to keep his mother, Tracy, updated about his “treatment”.

She said: ‘I think Jacob’s protest has been very peaceful and I believe he should have his say.”

She added: “At the end of the day, I believe in freedom of speech, so I’m very proud of him for standing up for something he believes in, microwave or no microwave.”

Days after the rule was enforced, a petition began online. Hannah Catterall, who started it, said: “By not permitting back-packs, students are unable to carry revision materials to and from school with ease, and, therefore, grades may dramatically decrease.”

The petition was removed days later after receiving 463 signatures. Bridget Allan, who has two children at the school, said: “I was outraged when I heard about the ban. I think it is ridiculous.

“How can you even get to places on time with all the right books, let alone take things like sanitary towels? The school doesn’t allow children to carry bags and that was extended to the sixth form after the summer holidays.

“This is something all of the girls and female teachers are talking about.”

Clair Thacker added: “My son attends this school and I was completely unaware of this absurd rule, bearing in mind that most sixth-formers either walk to and from school, or use public transport.

“Surely the staff would rather the students have everything they need with them on a daily basis?”

The school’s website outlines a uniform policy for sixth-form male and female students, but does not mention bags at all.

Head teacher Steven Wilkinson told Spalding Today: “The facts that have been presented are far from the full picture.

“We have a student who has behaved in an increasingly-inappropriate way, actions the likes of which I have never witnessed, and who has been sanctioned, entirely in line with the school’s policies.

“What disappoints me most is the fact that, rather than working with us, the parent concerned has encouraged and is now seeking to glorify her son’s behaviour.”






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