Sam’s twice the man now!

FOLLOWING his recent chat with Vinnie Jones, Oasis Fm DJ Justin Charles chatted this week to Vinnie’s co-star, Hollywood actor Sam Medina (Venom, Alita: Battle Angel), on the set of Ron Hopper’s Misfortune, which is on location in our capital, Santa Cruz.

Ron Hopper’s Misfortune tells the story of Sarah Romanova, a beautiful, young, Russian woman, who decides to meet her old friend from Hades.

Justin Charles: Tell us about the role you play in Ron Hopper’s Misfortune.

Sam Medina: I play a gangster who has to attempt to persuade The Ferryman (Vinnie Jones) to take the girl across to the other side. We are both warriors in the movie, but in this film we use our hearts and minds to make decisions, so we are warriors in every sense of the word.

Jay Falero (the director) has written such an amazing script, which really allows us both to develop the characters. This project is so interesting, and there is a refreshing air of excitement on the set, from cast and crew alike, because it is so different.

JC: Have you worked with Vinnie Jones before?

SM: Yes. We have worked together a couple of times on the movies Blood Out and Locked Down, and have been friends for a few years.

JC: Have you ever been to Tenerife before?

SM: No, I haven’t, but I love it. We are filming up in the mountains above Santa Cruz, and, coming from LA, you can really tell the difference regarding how clean the air is here. This island is beautiful.

My wife lived in Tenerife for many years, so she is very happy to be back, while I am on set. She has been introducing me to all the amazing food that you guys have here, and I am eating way more than I should be. The desserts are fantastic, and I have put on so much weight. I’m going to need to train hard, when I return to Los Angeles, to get rid of it.


JC: You train in various martial arts, don’t you?

SM: Yes, I do. I have a 3rd-degree, black belt in Taekwondo, and I have also trained in the ancient Japanese art of Okinawa Kempo.

I am currently studying Krav Magá, which is a military, self-defence and fighting system, developed for the Israeli Security Forces. It’s really tough, but I’m really enjoying it, and will carry on when I get home.

JC: What has been a career highlight for you?

SM: I think working with Tom Hardy, who is a hero of mine, on Venom, was pretty cool. He is such an amazing actor, and I loved the scenes I did with him. It really was an honour to work with Tom, and I learned so much.

JC: So what’s next for Sam Medina?

SM: When I finish filming Ron Hopper’s Misfortune, I will fly home to attend the Red Carpet World Premiere of Alita: Battle Angel.

I play a 10-foot robot called Stringer, and it’s my first animated movie. It was written by James Cameron. He had the idea while making Avatar, but didn’t get the time to direct the project, so he handed it over to Robert Rodriguez to direct.

To be starring alongside two Oscar-winning actors, Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards) and Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Green Book), is mind blowing. I’m really excited about the work I am doing right now.

JC: So do you think we will get you back to Tenerife?

SM: Absolutely! I’m hoping Jamie Falero will do the Red Carpet Premiere of Ron Hopper’s Misfortune here.

It would be great to come back, and I think my wife may have something to say if I don’t. You can come and do a proper, sit-down interview with me, and come to the Premiere. But only if you bring the cakes! That’s the deal, brother!



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