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PARTICULARLY in Tenerife, where the weather is generally very good, you should think of your outside space as an extra room in your home, one which you should be able to use for the best part of the year.

While many of us may not have a garden, patios and terraces can still make wonderful and welcoming living spaces, with the added advantage of needing very little maintenance.

Design ideas aren’t only for inside, so decide on a theme for your outside space. Do you want to go for a pretty area of different plants, rustic pots and gardening tools, in a shabby-chic style, or do you want a minimalist look of modern furniture and shiny accessories? Decide on your theme, and what ambience you are trying to create.

Lighting will be a big part of creating the mood, because this will enable you to use the space outside, whenever you want. If you can find solar lights, these will illuminate automatically, without any need for you to think about switching them on.

Create a sense of continuity, so that the outside area is merely an extension of the inside. This is easy if you have patio doors, and better still if you invest in “glass curtains”, which are doors that concertina to the sides, to leave the doorway completely open.

Garden canopies or roller blinds have the obvious use of providing shade from the full sun, which means that you can use your outside area, literally all year round. Use a professional fitter, because, when extended, these blinds are very heavy, so a good quality mechanism and the correct fitting are vital.

Never leave the blinds out permanently, because high winds or heavy rainfall will put strain on the fixings. Also, remember to check with your community what colours are allowed, because mistakes can be costly.

Clusters of plants create a tropical feeling and the sense of being at one with nature. You can also use mirrors outside to create the impression of more space, light and energy. Set the mood by using floor-based lanterns and floor cushions, with some ornaments.

Use colourful crockery and glasses. There are some lovely designs available in melamine or plastic that are safe for outside, but which also give a summery impression, and it’s one area of the house where bright, vibrant colours won’t look tacky!

Woven rugs can also be used to visually divide the terrace into areas, and add even more colour. If you don’t have much space, consider foldable tables and chairs that only take up a lot of room when they are in use. Use a ledge of the balcony to display plants, and tie them on to keep them safe, if you need to.

Consider “vertical planting”, fitting pots on shelves or attaching them directly to the wall, or perhaps using a whole shelving unit to display your accessories and plants.

If you are lucky enough to have a pergola, consider fitting curtains to the sides, which can be draped back and only drawn across when needed. This creates the impression that your terrace really is another room, and the curtains will help to create shade, protect from any wind, and give you some privacy.

Use weatherproof material, similar to that used for exterior blinds, because this will resist the rigours of sun, wind and rain, and use dressy tie-backs to give an impression of luxury.

If you need help making the most of your outside space, contact Deco Nuevo on 922 789729, and they will visit you at your property for a no-obligation quote.

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