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IF you are considering revamping your Tenerife property, one of the largest areas you will need to consider is flooring.

This is a big investment, because it covers such a large space, and needs to be chosen with care. Mistakes can be disastrous. The same techniques apply to flooring as to other areas of interior design. Dark floors will make rooms look smaller, whereas pale colours will reflect light, and look bigger.

Choosing the right material is also far more complicated than just going for a “look”.  Several other factors, such as environment, durability and cost, also need to be taken into account.

Laminate flooring is made of engineered wood, comprising a number of plywood layers. However, this can warp if it gets too wet or humid. Lino used to be thought rather old-fashioned, but new designs mean that this is a good choice, and it provides the opportunity of introducing colour and pattern into your interior-decorating scheme.

Because lino is a sealed surface, there are no cracks or textures in which bacteria or dirt can accumulate, so it is ideal for locations such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Most properties in Tenerife have tiled floors, and there’s good reason for this. Tiles stand up to years of abuse and are water resistant, so you can sweep and mop them clean. Although they tend to be reserved for kitchens and bathrooms in the UK, here, in a warm climate, they can be used throughout the house.

In addition, they will stand up to gritty sand, dirty and wet feet, and spills, and can create a fresh, cool impression. On a really hot day, what is nicer than stepping onto cool tiles? For winter months, or particular spots such as beside the bed, small rugs and runners can add a touch of colour and texture.

Because tiles are so hard-wearing, you can afford to choose a pale colour, which will make your rooms look bigger and fresher. Imagine using a white carpet, and you can see that tiles offer a distinct advantage.

Although carpet is soft and warm and adds insulation, it is not particularly suited for hot climates. In the UK, it is used for texture over bare floorboards, and to retain heat in a cooler climate.

Tiles are reserved for areas of heavy traffic, such as entrance halls, and for places where water would make carpet impractical, such as kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, apart from the need to keep it clean, carpet needs hoovering, and persistently humid conditions can lead to mould and mildew becoming a problem.

If you make the decision to go for tiles, then comes the choice of design and colour. You don’t need to use the same tiles throughout the house, and you can create divisions within a room, for lounge and dining areas, by creating a block of colour in tiles, or a surround of patterned tile to separate off a particular zone.

If you are looking for a more rustic design, don’t rule out tiles. Nowadays, there are many designs that look like wood or stone, which still have all the advantages of hard-wearing and easy-clean tiles.

The other problem with having the floor revamped is that it’s very difficult to live in the property while it’s being done. It might be possible to move furniture into one room or another while each area is being worked on, but this causes complete chaos if you are staying there, too.

It’s definitely worth thinking about having the work project-managed on your behalf, which means you can leave the island, and come back to your newly-prepared property, without any stress or hassle.

Many interior-decorating companies will get involved in contracting the workmen, key-holding, buying materials, overseeing the work and liaising with you, so that you are fully involved and informed, without being inconvenienced.

Deco Nuevo can supply all the items and services mentioned, and organise free estimates, without obligation, in the comfort of your own home. Call them on 922 789729.


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