Residents Guide – How do I vote in local elections?

A total of 599.661 European Union citizens, resident in Spain, that will be 18 years old or older on 25th May 2005 and who will be able to vote in the municipal elections, have been registered by the Electoral Census Office, according to municipal registers. These citizens will have to officially express their wish to exercise their right to vote in Spain. For this, it will be essential that citizens fill in the formal declaration that is being sent to them by the Electoral Census Office and send it to the corresponding Provincial Delegation.

All those European Union citizens who had already expressed their wish to vote in the municipal elections of 1999 and who are still residing in Spain are still voters for the next elections, without having to fill in a new formal declaration. The Electoral Census Office is also informing them about these changes in circumstances.

By provinces the greatest number of European Union citizens is in Alicante (108.193), Málaga (64.548), the Balearic islands (50.311), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (43.894), Barcelona (39.601) Madrid (37.488) and Las Palmas (25,987). The highest number of voters is from the United Kingdom (with 131.675 possible voters), Germany (with 115.440), France (with 57.574), Portugal (with 51.838) and Italy (with 51.711).

European Union citizens who are not registered in the Municipal Register will have to go to their Town Hall to register, and then if they wish fill in the declaration to vote in Spain which is also available there.

Information may be requested in the Electoral Census Office Provincial Delegations by telephone 901101900 and also by internet

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