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THIS year, for the 12th annual Tenerife Entertainment Awards, there is a new host for the main event on Sunday, 14th October at Castillo San Miguel.

Following in the footsteps of regular host Nathan Swift, and Joe Ferguson (2013), Kirk Readings will be taking centre stage for the TEAs Does Cheese, after a cameo role at last year’s event, when he attempted a world record, as we all took part in “Twerk with Kirk”.

We wanted to find out more about him, lovingly referred to by his radio colleagues as the Bearded Warrior!

About Kirk:

Age: 32

Where from: Pembrokeshire, West Wales

How long in Tenerife: Two periods, over the last eight years

Doing what: Entertainment generally, although I’ve done some sales and marketing work, too

Trade before entertainment: I was always in sales, in the UK

CW: So Kirk, you’ve had two stints in Tenerife. What brought you here in the first place, and what drew you back?

KR: The island’s climate was beneficial for my children’s health when they were toddlers, so, with them as the priority, the rest just had to work!

We took them back to start them in British education, but soon realised the climate here wasn’t just limited to health benefits, but lifestyle, too, and the education system we felt was, at least, on a par. Add to that the balance between work and life that I could achieve returning to entertainment, and we questioned why we ever left!

CW: You work on the circuit, you are a compere, and are on the radio at Oasis Fm. How do the three jobs differ?

KR: I’ve just got involved in the circuit again with my new show “The Bearded Buble”. Previously, I found it to be an in-and-out, wave-and-smile-and-disappear kind of thing. It’s a little unforgiving, because the show has to be top drawer all the time, every time, whereas compering lends itself to building relationships and forging bonds with regulars.

I like trying new stuff out, which I get to do while I’m in the Pheasant Plucker, and the regulars are pretty good at giving me some leeway, if it doesn’t go right, first time!

With regards to the radio, it’s the job I grew up wanting to do. It’s a surreal form of entertainment for me, as I’m used to gauging the audience and their reaction to things, whether it be song choices, jokes or topics. When it comes to radio, there’s no instant feedback, good or bad, and that’s the biggest difference for me, personally.

CW: Which do you prefer, and why?

KR: Each has its own merit, as I explained. The role I prefer, above all others, is the radio, because it’s the one job I do that I had idols in. I never really holidayed in this entertainment environment as a child, so I don’t have experiences to draw on, or role models to imitate when I perform to a holiday audience. The radio role has a mysterious aura around it, and I love it.

CW: How do you feel about hosting the TEAs 2018?

KR: Surprised, scared, and honoured. Nathan Swift has been doing it so long that I’m sure he’ll be a hard act to follow, but I understand why the change has happened from both sides, because he left Tenerife almost 15 years ago.

Scared, because, although I go on stage every night, it’s different in front of your peers and over 1,000 people, as opposed to the Pheasant Plucker! And honoured for all the previous reasons, really. I’m delighted that the organisers have got faith in me, although I’m not sure yet what they have in store for me!

CW: As an entertainer yourself, what do you think of the awards in general?

KR: To be honest, what’s not to like? Firstly, they couldn’t happen if there weren’t the depth of talent and number of acts on the scene in the first place. Also, being an all-year-round resort helps, too, because it would be difficult to do this in a seasonal place that’s only open for the summer. Secondly, this is the only holiday resort in Europe, if not the world, that has an event of this scale every year, pushing the scene, and the people in it. Embrace it, and feel the love.

CW: Every year there is banter during the nominations and voting. Has there been anything memorable for you?

KR: Well, to be fair, I’ve always stayed a little bit distant, because I’ve preferred to get involved behind the scenes on the day, with either winners’ interviews or twerking! But this year has gone to a new level, with loads of really funny and creative videos, and celebrity tweets. It seems, finally, that people are actually “getting it”, and taking the awards for what they are meant to be … a celebration of the entertainment scene, an amazing day out, and not a bad way to market yourself, or your bar!

CW: And what do you say to those people who are negative about it, or complain that people are asking for votes?

KR: It’s quite ironic, really, as the TEAs itself doesn’t tell anyone they have to pitch for votes. But, let’s be honest; as entertainers, they have to market themselves, so it’s a natural thing to do – plus they want to win! And then you see the people who were criticising, commenting on all the videos and banter, and joining in. As I said, it’s ironic, really.

CW: How’s this year’s show coming on, and are there any surprises?

KR: I haven’t seen everything yet, but the “cheese” theme does open the door to have some fun with it. All the TEAs I’ve been to, and have been involved in, have been brilliant, so I’m sure this year will be, too. It’s getting a reputation of not just being a day when everyone gets together, but also for being a great show, and all for a tenner! Surprises? There always are, but that would be telling.

CW: And, finally, who have you voted for this year?

KR: To be honest I haven’t. Like everyone, I’ve got my personal favourites, including those in the live categories on the day, but I wanted to stay impartial this year, in my approach as host.


The Tenerife Entertainment Awards, sponsored by Sebastian & St James, are on Sunday, 14th October. The doors open at 1.00pm, and tickets are 10 euros (under 4 years free), available from Oasis Fm studios in Las Chafiras. Call 822 14 15 17.

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