Loro Parque and Morgan are still defying the critics

MORGAN the Orca is still alive and kicking at Loro Parque, despite years of criticism by protesters that she would die if she were not returned to her natural habitat, in the sea.

In fact, after seven years, she has nearly reached her adult size, and weighs more than 2,100kg.

Now, Loro Parque officials are hitting back at those organisations, which, continually, denounce the zoo, even though it has legal backing, endorsed by the highest professional sources, for its handling of the Morgan affair.

In a statement reaffirming its good name, Loro Parque is aware that the anti-brigade will continue to alarm people whenever possible, even though they cannot prove their so-called facts.

Loro Parque says:

“It sounds absurd that, after seven years since Morgan appeared, dying, on the Dutch coast, and five judicial pronouncements stated that her return to the sea would mean her death, there are still organisations committed to denouncing Loro Parque, and demanding her release.

But that is a well-known strategy of some self-proclaimed animalistic groups: seeking the impact on the media and social networks to get attention and funds.

Yet they know perfectly well that Morgan has no chance of being released, and that there was a firm statement from the highest Dutch court, in 2014, that ratifies it.

The Free Morgan Foundation has got us used to the “scandal” strategy. It files a complaint against Loro Parque; it publishes campaigns in the media, creating social alarm and worrying honest people, who love animals; thus, obtaining funds for its organisation.

But when leading administrations dismiss and reject these allegations as unfounded, the Free Morgan Foundation never recognises its mistake. And NEVER makes it public.

Its officials do not even put negative resolutions on their website to acknowledge its members. That is fraud.

Last week, the Dutch CITES Authority dismissed the last appeal filed by the Free Morgan Foundation, raised on the alleged illegality of Morgan’s CITES permit.

A few months ago, the same institution responded that the charge of the Free Morgan Foundation was unfounded, since Loro Parque carries out scientific research with orcas, and that it is not incompatible with the education and awareness activities it promotes, with the permit issued in 2011.

The CITES Spanish authority (also where the Free Morgan Foundation sent its protest) responded in the same terms in January this year:

“The transfer of the whale, Morgan, from Harderwijk Dolfinarium in Holland, to the facilities of Loro Parque in Tenerife, in 2011, was carried out fulfilling the provisions of Article 9 of Regulation (EC) 338/97, and endorsed by the Dutch State Council, ruling that the return of the animal to the ocean was neither an alternative, nor a satisfactory solution.”

However, do not bother looking because you will not find this information on the Free Morgan Foundation page.

Unfortunately, we know this will not be the last complaint. We are sure that the Free Morgan Foundation, and some other minority groups, will continue using the same “scandal” strategy, simply because it’s economically profitable for them.

Meanwhile, Morgan is happy with her new family. She has almost reached adult size and weighs more than 2,100kg. And her well-being is beyond doubt.

During a recent audit at Loro Parque by the American Humane Association, an organisation which looks out for the well-being of animals around the world, it reported: “The activity and energy of killer whales is comforting. Coaches conduct six training sessions and three daily presentations; this stimulation facilitates a well-being, which is exceptionally positive for the six orcas.”

This, along with obtaining the highest rating (100%) of ABTA, the British Association of Travel Agents’ welfare standards, audited by Global Spirit, is what most satisfies us, the people who work at Loro Parque every day for the welfare of Morgan, and the thousands of animals under our care.”

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