Holdalls carry it off in style when men go for bags!

davis_soxastros5_sptsI SELDOM write about male fashion, but one up-and-coming trend for men is actually one to which most of us women can relate – and that is bags!

Us women can have as many bags as possible, to match shoes, outfits … or just because it’s a bag. But “man bags” are a whole different concept.

Firstly, men tend to have just one type of bag. But for this winter, there is a selection of bags from which they can choose.

For starters, there’s the bum bag, and most of us envisage tourists using them, or we go back to the early Nineties, when everyone had one.

American Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, spotted wearing a bum bag, said happily: “I’m not afraid of the fanny pack” – the American name for a bum bag ,in case you happened to be confused.

Kanye West was also seen to be embracing the ‘fanny pack’, although his was a Louis Vuitton. And the best way to wear it is not on the bum, as the name implies, but on the hips, as demonstrated by Matthew and Kanye.

Secondly, we have the backpack. Now this is a more common choice for men – and not just for camping or a sports bag. Backpacks originated for hunting trips. They were made from animal hides and sewn together with intestines!

But in this day and age you have a lot more choice. Backpacks should never be worn over both shoulders unless you are wearing lederhosen and are planning a spot of yodelling in the mountains.

The next choice of bag is the briefcase, normally associated with men in suits. In films, they tend to contain lots of money to do deals with. But in reality, they usually carry office workers’ paperwork and sandwiches.

Our penultimate bag is the satchel. And when I think of one, I see Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. The satchel first became popular in Roman times and they have developed over the years to be a strong bag, worn across the body – just in case you have to make a daring escape, or rescue a damsel in distress.

Lastly we have the holdall, which to many may be seen as a carry-on bag for the plane, or most commonly for carrying sports gear. This seems to be the must-have for the autumn/winter.

Men’s bags tend to be black or brown … nothing too imaginative, but the holdall allows you to experiment. And Pharrell Williams, for one, is not sticking to dull colours – he has been seen with a purple crocodile version.

If this still hasn’t convinced you to purchase a bag, market research firm NPD Group has seen a 3% sales’ increase of men’s bags from 2012 to 2013. Okay, that may not seem a lot, but, in monetary terms it accounted for a $957 million (£584m) industry.

So whatever your choice of bag, make sure you get the right one to suit you.

No longer will you have to stuff your keys, wallet and phone in your pockets!

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