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Home 1I AM often asked what can be done to promote healthy hair – what can be put on it to encourage more growth? And what can be done to repair damage to all types of hair?

I’m not a believer in any quick remedy or magic potion that will create a miracle to solve a magnitude of hair problems.

So what’s best for you and your hair, and what can you do to boost its shine, strength and overall well-being?

You may actually want to give your hair a break from all the stresses and strains you could be putting it through. And the best way to start is, as always, from the inside.

So why not do what many do and buy a pack from your local chemist? Something that claims to stop hair loss, thickens hair and gives you that lustrous gloss

You could, I suppose, but I don’t believe that buying some “cure” from the shelf is really going to do your hair – or your pocket – any favours.

So where do you start? You need to put your hair through a DETOX … something that will work not only on the inside but show on the outside as well.

Okay, so let’s start with food. Yes, that stuff you put inside you that should provide you with all the nourishment you and your hair need.

If it’s goodness that you put in, only good things will show outwardly, so what are the top things you can eat to give your hair that boost from within?

Oily fish is a great source of omega3, which is a hair-friendly vitamin, as well as any form of Vitamin A that’s available in the form of carrots or pumpkins. Eggs provide you with zinc, selenium, sulphur,and iron, which strengthen the hair from within.

Spinach is great for iron and Vitamin C, all of which will help your locks.

Even Greek yoghurt, which contains a good helping of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin D, will sort out your lack-lustre tresses, as well as cottage cheese or low-fat cheese. All of which go towards putting your hair back on track.

So once you’ve got your diet sorted, now for the outside. Stick to natural products and never for supermarket-branded ones.

Read the rear of all products your putting on your hair, and stay away from Panthenol-based items that will coat your hair, leaving a residue that can weeks to remove.

If you are going to look after the inside of your hair, then it stands to reason that you take care of what your putting on it, too.

Drink plenty of bottled water – at least three litres a day to cleanse your insides so that these new ingredients can work to their fullest. This includes staying away from alcohol. It dehydrates, not only you but your skin and hair.

If you get told to use a particular remedy from the pharmacy, then you’ll be paying a small fortune. Try instead to work from the inside to give your hair a good basis to grow well and look its best.

DETOX isn’t just something you go through to rid yourself of inner toxins. It is also a way to give you back the hair you once may have had.

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