Essential watering guidance

THIS week, as Summer approaches, we have put together a guide to watering your plants, ensuring your garden remains full of vibrant colours and smells!

As we all know, during the Summer, our plants can quickly dry out, whimper and look a bit worse for wear! It’s vital they are watered, regularly, with a steady supply, ensuring the water travels down past the top layer of dry soil, to feed the deeper roots.

Any plants growing in pots, such as flowers, herbs etc., will become drier, more quickly, than if they were in the ground. Repeated wilting and re-hydrating, irregularly, can be detrimental to the survival of plants, flowers, vegetables, hedges, trees and shrubs.

Our advice – it is best to water all plants early in the morning before sunrise, and in the evening when the heat of the sun has cooled down. If the plants are watered late, after the sun has gone down, they will stay wet all night, and this can cause bacterial and fungal diseases.

This can be difficult to manage in between life commitments, so the best way to ensure consistency would be to install an irrigation, timed, watering system. There are countless benefits for both the plants, and you!

A timed watering system will allow the plants to receive sufficient levels of water at regular times, avoiding the hot parts of the day. It will also reduce excessive watering, to make up for times when we have all been unable to water our plants when we should have done! The best thing of all is that a watering system is great value for money; they are not as much as you may think!

Lawns will need watering once or twice a week during the Summer. Light watering will encourage shallow root growth, but can leave the grass more vulnerable to heat and drought damage, especially if you are unable to supply frequent watering.

As all the flies and bugs are out and about during the Summer, and they tend to hide amongst the plants, getting shelter from the sun in between the leaves. A quick blast of the leaves can help get rid of any unwanted flies, and prevent them passing diseases onto your plants.

Our final tip on essential watering during the Summer is to feed all the plants with fertiliser, on a weekly basis. This can be reduced to every 3-4 weeks, during the Winter.

Never put fertiliser onto dry soil, because, when the plants receive it, it will burn the roots. Fertiliser granules or pellets are a great way to supply the plants each time they are watered, otherwise a capful of fertiliser dissolved in a watering can will be sufficient, on a weekly basis.

And your plants will be sure to survive and thrive!



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