How to dress your windows

DRESSING the windows of your property is a vital part of your interior design, for a number of reasons.

In Tenerife, at least some of your windows are likely to be patio doors. They take up a large part of the room, and the colour, style and pattern you choose will have a huge influence on the rest of the decoration.

One of the biggest problems is deciding on the style you want to achieve. Years ago, big swags and tails used to be popular, both in the UK and here, but their opulent style, and the use of lots of material, is better suited to colder climates, where their purpose is to keep out the cold.

Nowadays, people have moved more towards simplistic window dressings, such as eyelet curtains, and roller or vertical blinds. This really comes down to your personal taste. Some people will find blinds too clinical and “officey”, whereas others may prefer them to gathered drapes, full of pattern or colour.

In addition, it depends what you expect to achieve from your window dressings. For example, one of the primary purposes might be to make the room dark and cosy at night, but, for example, if you have issues of privacy, you might prefer to choose something to work for you.

For example, if your property faces onto a neighbouring house, or people walk past and can see in, you might be better using either vertical or venetian blinds, because the slats can be angled to allow light in, while still maintaining your privacy.

This is also a very useful way of keeping the sun off your TV at certain times of day. Nets, or voiles as they are now called, can do the same job, but would need to be permanently closed to perform the same function.

Because of our lovely climate here in Tenerife, another purpose of curtains can be to keep the heat out – the opposite of the UK! Sun-curtains can do this job for you, and you can draw them across at certain times of day, or when you go out, to keep the warmth from the room.

They are also extremely useful if you decide you want a siesta, or to get young children off to bed early during our long, summer evenings. Sun-curtains used to be made of silver plastic, which reflected the light and heat back out, but they weren’t very attractive.

Nowadays, there are curtains available in plain colours that have a “black-out” centre layer that performs the same function, but is more in keeping with your colour scheme.

For anyone who is prepared to take care and give some thought to their interior decoration, there simply is no beating made-to-measure window dressings. A sense of proportion will make something look just right, without necessarily understanding why.

Ideally, curtaining or blinds should be positioned halfway between the top of the window frame and the ceiling, and have adequate width to cover the sides of the windows, and look balanced.

The exception to this is when designers use full-length curtains, or wider ones, to visually change the look of a room. Made-to-measure blinds also make a difference, and are often not as expensive as you may think.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to see a lovely, decorating scheme spoiled by ready-made curtains or blinds that don’t really fit. All articles mentioned are available from Deco Nuevo on 922 789729, who give estimates, without obligation, in the comfort of your own home.


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