Dress those windows!

ABOUT a decade ago, the interior-design fashion was to match everything in the bedroom, to make it look very “designed”.

This included the bedspreads, curtains, and, quite often, a set of toning plastic flowers, as well. Apologies to anyone who still has these items still in their property!

Of course, now things are completely different, and less is definitely considered more; more stylish, more appealing and less busy! Quite often, the bedroom curtains will have to fit a patio door. They make a big impression on your overall design scheme, so it’s important to get them right.

Whether you are going for curtains, eyelet or gathered, or roller or vertical blinds, having them made to fit the window properly will ensure that they look the part, and do the job you need them for. Buying ready-made window dressings may be cheaper, but they will never look good, in the same way.

The style of your window dressings will also depend on your circumstances. For example, if you have young children, or rent your property out to people who do, keep away from any type of blinds that go up and down to open and close, such as roller blinds. They will get pushed to one side, as people go in and out of the doors, and will soon break.

From a safety perspective, also think about trailing cords that could be dangerous for young children. Vertical blinds, with multiple slats that run from top to bottom, can be moved to one side, leaving the doorway free.

They can also be angled to keep the sun out of the room or off the TV screen, and to give you privacy without losing all the light. Alternatively, Roman blinds, made from a lovely fabric to match your bedspread, will decorate your bedroom windows in a softer way.

If you prefer curtains to blinds, you can choose the eyelet variety, where the curtain pole slots through rings sewn into the curtains. This method uses less material because the curtains aren’t gathered, but the making of them is more expensive and needs to be finished perfectly, so there often isn’t much difference between them and gathered drapes.

Gathered curtains run on rings over a curtain pole, or on a track with small hooks. They use more material, and give a more gathered and fussy look, but are cheaper to make.

Nets, or voiles as they are now called, introduce a lovely, colonial element to your decorating scheme, but they won’t keep the sun out or give you any privacy at night, so might need to be paired with blinds, or additional curtains.

Sunblock curtains are another tool that you might find useful, to keep the bedroom cool on hot days, or make it dark on those long, summer evenings. Fortunately, times have moved on from plastic sun-curtains (although they did a good job), and you can now get fabric, with a layer in the middle, to provide the necessary blocking qualities, but in a wide range of colours.

To give a good impression, your window dressings should be fitted half-way between the top of the window and the ceiling, and have enough overlap at the sides to keep the light out. This arrangement is easy on the eye, and looks in proportion. This is when you will really be able to see whether you have chosen made-to-measure curtains, or made do with ready-made!

All items are available from Deco Nuevo on 922 789729, who will come to your property and give you a free, no-obligation quote, in the comfort of your own home.


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