What is cellulite?

WHAT is cellulite, and what is the correct definition that explains the condition? Well, cellulite is a skin disorder that occurs in over 90% of women after puberty, and is characterised by lumpy skin and dimples. It is caused by irregular, subcutaneous fat deposits.

Cellulite is usually found on thighs, bums, legs and the abdomen, and the skin resembles that of an orange peel. Almost all women have it, whether they are fat or slim, young or old, and even if they work out.

Many women find it quite disturbing, as the number and shape of the typical dimples or hollows on the skin can vary from woman to woman. Most of these are oval-shaped, and are present on the bottom of the buttocks and on top of the thighs. The skin in these areas is comparatively softer than the rest of the body. Losing elasticity of the skin continues to increase with age.

Of course, fear of cellulite shouldn’t be factored in to your decision to reach a healthy weight. Not everyone who loses weight will end up with cellulite. But if you have cellulite before you slim down, there is no guarantee that weight loss will make it disappear.

It is well-known that skin problems and appearances have a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem. This is the reason women resent the look of cellulite on their bodies. It also has a significant social and emotional impact on women, especially when their bodies are exposed to others, such as on the beach. Sometimes, they may feel shame during social and intimate moments, which has a negative impact on their daily lives.


An active lifestyle and healthy diet may help you to minimise the appearance of cellulite, but it may not prevent it, completely. In addition, if you maintain a healthy body weight, you may be able to minimise the severity of dimpling that shows up on your thighs or abdomen.

Muscle-toning exercises for the thighs and abdomen may also help to shape the areas where cellulite appears, making it less noticeable.

If you are overweight, losing weight may help, but not always. In some people, weight loss helps to prevent or minimise the appearance of cellulite. But in others, losing weight can actually cause the condition to become more noticeable.

Loose skin, which often presents itself after significant weight loss, can result in the cellulite being more noticeable. Deep-tissue massage can break up the fat deposits and eliminate toxins, and lymphatic drainage may assist in removing oedema and accumulated fluid in cellulite-affected areas.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will better understand the question: “What is cellulite?”. Do you still have a question about cellulite, or anti-cellulite treatments? Speak with one of our cellulite experts, or pay us a visit.

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