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Alcohol won’t be so inclusive on holiday

BRITISH holiday-makers on all-inclusive packages in parts of Spain are in for a huge shock, because free alcohol is set to be banned on party islands Mallorca and Ibiza The Balearic Islands Government is set to crack down on boozy, all-inclusive holidays there with new legislation. It comes after a series of laws, which were […]

Sorry, we’re too tired to take you on holiday

ANGRY families were left stranded when their Easyjet flight to Mallorca was cancelled because the cabin crew “were too tired”. Holiday-makers, flying from Belfast to Palma Airport, were shocked when the airline made the announcement at around midnight last Sunday. The flight was scheduled for an 8.45pm departure, but 146 passengers were left wondering what […]

Golden-oldies are sharing skills, via their special app

A RETIRED saxophonist is available for events, a 76-year-old offers painting classes, and a former plumber can help you fix your sink, for a reasonable price. And, says Núria Ricart, while sandpapering an antique drawer: “There could be someone out there who could help you with a lot of things you don’t know about.” This […]

Saddle-up for a unique town, which bans cars!

HOW on earth would you cope if your hometown banned the use of cars altogether, and you grew up having to go shopping on your horse? In Love Valley, residents call their streets “trails” instead of roads, lanes or even streets, because, in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina, no cars are allowed. Yet the town offers […]

50,000 migrants are set for great escape

POLICE sources have been informed that some 50,000 illegal migrants, from sub-Saharan Africa, are on the alert in Morocco, awaiting the word to cross into Spain. The warning comes after 21,000 migrants had made the extremely dangerous journey across the sea, to seek asylum in Europe. Spain has become the No.1 point of migrant-arrival in […]

Cabbies call off strike, for now!

TAXI firms in Spain’s main cities have called a temporary halt to their blanket strike, which has caused chaos in airports and stations throughout the last week. Protests staged by cab drivers saw three of them arrested, and led to around 60 reports of vandalism and other disturbances, including attacks on Cabify and Über cars. […]

Gentlemen, give the ladies a wide berth

THE Catalan town of Gavà is bidding to stamp out prostitution from its streets, and also shame the men who keep the sex trade going there, by sending fines to their family addresses. For more than a year, authorities have been trying to find solutions to the increase in prostitution, on a road running through […]

It’s jobs galore, but we still need more!

THE number of new jobs created in Spain in the second quarter of the year totalled 469,900, which was the highest number recorded since records began, 10 years ago. It has helped reduce unemployment by 306,000, with the jobless rate now standing at 15.28%. That was the lowest for nearly a decade, according to data […]

Bronson dumps new wife, after 8 months

BRITAIN’S most violent prisoner is divorcing his wife after only eight months, because pictures have surfaced of a man with his head in her breasts in Tenerife. Notorious Charles Bronson, currently in HMP Wakefield, told 37-year-old Paula Williamson that he was seeking a divorce after the snaps from a wild night out came to light. […]

Rhinos just don’t come much older

THE skeleton of an extinct breed of rhinoceros, believed to date back over 160,000 years, has been found in the Barcelona province of Castelldefels. The Stephanorhinus Hundsheimensis, similar to the African black rhino, was discovered by Barcelona University’s Quartenary Research Group (GRQ-SERP). Typically, it lived in open spaces and was an extremely fast runner. And the newly-discovered […]

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