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Virgin celebrating journey into space

RICHARD Branson’s Virgin Galactic company has taken a gigantic major step towards realising Richard Branson’s “dream” to bring space travel to the masses. SpaceShipTwo/VSS Unity landed from its maiden space flight as Richard Branson was present to congratulate the Virgin Galactic team and The Spaceship Company. The historic day saw the first human spaceflight to be […]

And the top award is around 600 cars!

NARENDRA Modi, India’s Prime Minister, has helped a diamond merchant hand over no fewer than 600 cars to his employees as a thank-you for their efforts. The employees, of Hari Krishna Exporters, a diamond trading company run by Savji Dholakia, received the Suzuki cars, made in India, with a total showroom value of more than […]

Baby is sheer magic for ‘gay’ penguins!

PENGUINS Sphen and Magic, both male, are happy to announce the arrival of their chick, whom they hatched, and are sharing the job of looking after it. The ‘gay’ couple are said to be “doting” on their tiny offspring, Sphengic, who was born on 19th October, weighing just over 3ozs, at Australia’s Sea Life Sydney […]

Scientists put finger on iceberg rectangle

A GIGANTIC, monolith iceberg was spotted by NASA scientists, as they were being flown over Antarctica during an airborne survey. The rectangular berg was sighted off the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, near the Larsen C ice shelf. The NASA experts, who believe it might have broken off the shelf recently, say the sharp […]

Up-and-under bridge of size!

THE world’s longest sea-crossing bridge, connecting Hong Kong and Macau to south-east China, opened this week, nine years from when construction began. The astonishing, much-anticipated crossing, includes a snaking, road bridge and an underwater tunnel, linking Hong Kong’s Lantau island to the southern mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai, as well as the gambling enclave of Macau, […]

Gove stirs it up with surge against plastic

MICHAEL GOVE, the UK Government’s Environment Secretary, has launched a consultation on the Government’s plan to ban plastic items. Straws, stirrers and cotton buds could be banished in a year because, he said, they can devastate the world’s oceans and wildlife. The ban could be put in place between October next year and October 2020, […]

Schoolboy, 17, cooks the books… in a microwave!

A SCHOOL in Lincolnshire has banned bags for health and safety reasons, which has merely inspired some pupils to get creative with how they carry their books, especially 17-year-old A-level student Jacob Ford. He disagreed with Spalding Grammar School’s policy after sixth-formers were ordered not to carry bags between classes. The school said “injury was […]

Amorous dolphin sparks swimming ban at the seaside

A SEASIDE village in Brittany has banned swimmers from its beach, because an over-sexed dolphin has been scaring tourists and locals there… by trying to rub up against them! It has been hanging around the Bay of Brest for months, swimming near the beaches of Plougastel-Daoulas and Logonna-Daoulas. Now, as it enters the mating season, […]

Pub arsonist captured in Spain, after decade

A BRITISH arsonist, who escaped to Marbella for 10 years, has been jailed at last, after taking £2,500 from an unknown source to torch a local pub.  Richard Bowman, 38, crashed his car into the Granary Pub in Titchfield, Hampshire, and razed the building, just weeks after it had been featured on Gordon Ramsay’s TV […]

Expats swindled out of 6m euros

A GROUP of British expats have contacted the police after losing more than six million euros to an alleged Costa del Sol fraudster. The unsuspecting Brits each invested up to 1.64m euros into the so-called Ponzi scheme, operating out of Marbella, Dubai and India. Welsh expat Rhys Williams, 36, is accused of snaring wealthy parents […]

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