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Sex-rated sculptures are erected on beach

STATUES of figures, engaged in X-rated sexual acts, which include threesomes at an Alicante beach in Spain, have led to controversy among locals and expats. The so-called artwork, criticised as “bordering on pornographic”, has sparked many complaints, and one horrified British ex-pat, 73-year-old Dave Mills, said he could no longer take his grandchildren to the […]

Belgian’s suspected of killing expat pal

AN arrest has been made in Belgium following an investigation into the suspected murder of a retired expat, known as Ana. Her body was found in Tolox, inland of the Costa del Sol in the Malaga region, by her brother, who is one of her only living relatives. But he travelled to her farm-house there, […]

Man who delivered deadly lorry trailer facing death threats

  A MAN charged with 39 counts of manslaughter, after migrants were found dead inside a lorry in Essex, has been warned that his life is in “serious” danger. The sinister messages were received by Eamon Harrison and his family following the tragic discovery of dead Vietnamese men and women in the Waterglade Industrial Park, […]

Man punches crocodile, just to stay in one piece!

A MAN’S leg was savaged in Australia by a crocodile after he stepped on it, accidentally, believing it was a log. He had been out hunting in murky water near Minjilang, on Croker Island, near Darwin… at lunchtime! Elston Lami Lami, 42, had a near escape as the animal then went for his groin, shredding […]

World’s oldest woman dies, at the age of 123!

A RUSSIAN great-great grandmother, Tanzilya Bisembeyeva, believed to be the oldest woman in the world, has died at the age of 123. She was born two months before the coronation of tragic last tsar Nicholas II in 1896, and is said to have lived during three centuries. She survived the Russian Revolution, the tyranny of […]

At 76, Josefa was able to fool the police, and everyone else around

POLICE were shocked to discover that a 76-year-old Spanish woman had been responsible for multiple robberies in the southern city of Málaga Her record showed that she had been caught 40 times for theft, but they had never experienced such a case… never even heard of one like it! What began with a British tourist […]

Shamed Labour MP paid to have sex with two men

DISGRACED Labour MP Keith Vaz was taken to hospital, hours after it emerged that he faced a record six-month Commons ban for damaging the reputation of Parliament. The veteran’s office made the announcement on Monday night, after a damning report found that he had “expressed willingness” to buy cocaine for two male prostitutes, and that it […]

British woman to seek rare surgery in Spain

A BRITISH woman with a rare condition, which means that a simple turn of her head could be fatal, is hoping to travel to Barcelona for pioneering surgery. Rachel Pighills, 33, and her husband Guy, 39, have been trying to raise the €150,000 necessary for an operation on her rare condition, But just three surgeons […]

Arguments nearly over as MPs agree to an Election

AFTER weeks of petty squabbling and political deadlock over Brexit in Parliament, it ceased on Tuesday with an overwhelming vote to return to the ballot box for a General Election on 12th December. Ministers in the House of Commons triggered a public vote, after weeks of political deadlock, in favour 438 to 20 against, a […]

Mum, aged 98, still looks after her 80-year-old son

A WOMAN aged 98 went viral after deciding to move into the same care-home in which her 80-year-old son was living, so that she could tend to him. It is a heartfelt tale of the love of a mother being so strong, even at such a late age, and Ada Keeting is the precious mum […]

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