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Britain’s biggest fatberg lives under Whitechapel

A “FATBERG”, said to be the biggest-ever in Britain, which weighs in at 130,000kg and stretches more than 850ft, has been discovered under the Whitechapel streets. The monstrosity, comprising wet-wipes, nappies, fat and oil, and longer than two full-sized football pitches, end to end, has plugged the Victorian sewers. Engineers are now waging war against […]

May’s EU clash with Chancellor

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May is adamant that free movement of EU people into the UK will end in 2019. She has contradicted earlier suggestions by Chancellor Philip Hammond that the current rules could continue for a transitional period, when Brexit is triggered and the UK leaves the European Union. Hammond, who said there should […]


A SHRINKING glacier in Switzerland has revealed two frozen bodies, believed to be of a couple who went missing 75 years ago. Marceline and Francine Moulding disappeared at a height of 2,600m (8,530ft) after going to tend to their cows in the Alps in August 1942. They were farmers, whose seven children never gave up […]

Roller-coaster crash leaves riders injured

MORE than 30 people were injured when two cars collided on the “Tren de la Mina” roller-coaster at Madrid’s Parque de Atracciones, one of Spain’s oldest theme parks. Some 27 people, among them children, needed hospital treatment for minor injuries, including neck, back and stomach pains. One train carriage, which had just completed the loop, […]

New fear for VW owners

DRIVERS throughout Britain are complaining that their Volkswagen cars are losing power after the removal of controversial technology, which enabled the company to cheat on emission tests. In 2015, the “emissions scandal” emerged when it was revealed that VW had installed a so-called “defeat device” to make its cars appear more environmentally-friendly. The car-maker has […]

New homes on offer to blaze-hit families

FAMILIES who lost their homes in Kensington’s Grenfell Tower blaze will be rehoused, permanently, in 68 brand-new flats at a luxury complex, where the cheapest one costs £1.8m. Residents who escaped the blaze are expected to take up permanent residence in the next two months, when the apartments, still in the same borough, have been […]

Salesman facing 20 years if he’s murdered his wife

A BRITISH car salesman living in Mallorca, who claimed his wife died during a sex game that went horribly wrong, has been accused of murder. And Spanish prosecutors have let 51-year-old Warren Lyttle know that he faces up to 20 years behind bars if they are successful. He was arrested in January 2016 after confessing […]

An early-morning shock for ship’s drug suppliers

A FISHING ship from Venezuela, intercepted in the early hours of 4th June, had bales of cocaine ready to be thrown into the sea in case the police nabbed them. They were apprehended some 900 miles south-west of the Canaries, but Spain was their actual destination. The facts were revealed by Home Office Minister Juan […]

Terror returns to London

THREE more victims of last Saturday’s terrorist atrocity in London, in addition to the five deaths initially recorded, have now been recorded, including that of a courageous Spaniard. Ignacio Echeverría, who lived in the city and worked for HSBC bank, was last seen during the attack, which began with a van mowing down people on […]

Star-studded concert

ARIANA GRANDE will be joined by a host of stars for a tribute concert in aid of the victims of last week’s bomb-terror attack in Manchester Arena. Anyone who had tickets to that show is entitled to free tickets to the One Love gig, at cricket’s Old Trafford ground, which caters for 50,000 people – […]

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