Flybmi collapse strands hundreds of passengers

THE Flybmi airline blamed Brexit, after leaving hundreds of passengers stranded throughout Europe when the British regional airline ceased operations without warning last Saturday after going bankrupt. British Midland Regional Limited, the airline operating as Flybmi, made the announcement after filing for administration, the British version of bankruptcy, because of inflated fuel costs and uncertainty over Britain’s […]

How the Virgin Mary came to settle down in in Candelaria basilica

MOST countries have national shrines, but few of them can claim a beginning as unique, and a history as chequered, as the one in Candelaria. As everyone knows, it is named the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Candelaria, and is a centre of devotion to the Virgin Mary. The origin reaches back for more than […]

Greetings! It’s great to be back!

LET me introduce myself: my name is Vanessa, and I am in my 20th year as a permanent, Tenerife resident. Quite a few years ago, my husband and I began our own business selling excursions, and this has grown into a fully-licensed travel agency. Over time, experience has taught me that the Spanish tour operators […]

A tour of discovery!

by Tara Scarlata MOST of you will have heard of Loro Parque, or maybe even visited. It’s a great day out for all ages, from 2 to 102, and everyone will find something they like! After visiting Loro many times over the last 15 years, this time we wanted to see a bit more. We […]

The sun sets on a magical trip!

By Tara Scarlata THE sunsets in Tenerife can be pretty spectacular, and, with La Gomera as a backdrop, they are a special experience that visitors to Tenerife can enjoy. To make it that little more magical, we set sail on the Mustcat Catamaran, for their first sunset trip of the season. We were warmly welcomed […]

Holidaying abroad? It’s Double Dutch to some!

BRITISH tourists are ditching the traditional phrasebook when abroad, preferring instead to translate the local language via their phones. Getting in a round seems to be a priority for holiday-makers, according to a new survey, which shows that 28% of Brits, on their most recent overseas holiday, learned how to order drinks in the local […]

Tenerife’s marvels: some free, some expensive

TENERIFE is the most-talked-about island: tropical paradise or Babylonian hell? Perfect retirement haven, or landing port for party goers?In this article, I will give you my personal, possibly-unrequired, opinion. I’ll start by describing my first impression, the day I got off the plane, five years ago, in the remote year 2013.It was a shock. I […]

Holiday choices for Tenerife residents!

IN the age of connectivity, travelling has become cheap and easy. Tenerife is, nowadays, the main European, touristic hub. Every year, millions of people come to visit our beautiful island, attracted by the “world’s best weather”, and the spectacular landscapes. But what about all of us, living and thriving in Tenerife all year round? Where […]

It’s holiday time again

Have you got that Liberty feeling? ONCE again, summer is here with a vengeance. Temperatures are soaring, and, with the influx of tourists, you have to keep your wits about you at all times when driving. Holiday makers who rent a car may be driving on the opposite side of the road to their home […]

Why Columbus did not need a satnav on board

By Trevor Laffan I HAVE travelled a bit, and I am lucky to have seen some wonderful places in my time. I have no fear when it comes to broadening my horizons, not unlike Christopher Columbus, I suppose. The main difference between me and Christy is that I can’t find things, while he was fairly […]

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