The different zebra crossings in Spain

MANY people get confused by the different colours of road markings, which appear to be for pedestrian use, as crossings. There are, basically, three colours: the normal black and white, known, almost internationally, as zebra crossings, as well as red and white, and blue and white. What do they actually mean? There are two ways […]

After-market extras

SOMETIMES, we think we’ve found the car of our dreams, but something’s missing. It could be reversing bleepers, a camera for assisting when parking, a better radio that has Bluetooth … the list is endless. Often, we are put off adding these aids because we think it’s either not possible on our car, or would […]

Seat belts: must I wear one?

IN recent weeks, there have been a number of fatalities on the roads, in the North and, also, here in the South of Tenerife. While we are not suggesting that the use of seatbelts, or their lack of use, was to blame, it seems pertinent to refresh the memories of drivers and passengers on this […]

Choose your car carefully

WHEN you are considering buying a car, be it new, second hand or merely an upgrade to your current model, there are many things to consider. Firstly, you should decide on your budget and have contingency arrangments in place, in case the car you fall in love with is a little more expensive than you […]

How does your insurance company value your car after a total loss?

GOD forbid this should happen to you, but if your vehicle is treated as a total loss (also know as a “write-off”), it is because the cost for the repair is higher than 75% of the actual cash value of the vehicle, or it has sustained so much damage, making it unsafe and not roadworthy. […]

The great fuel puzzle!

IF you are considering changing your car, maybe the type of fuel the new one uses should now be an important factor, when influencing a decision to reduce your carbon footprint. The most common types are still petrol and diesel, yet hybrids, such as electric and hydrogen cars, are up-and-coming in the market. Petrol is […]

Car warning lights

WE have covered this subject before, but, because of the current, financial crisis that many find themselves in, people are looking to save money, wherever possible. It seems prudent to reiterate how important the warning lights are on your car. From time to time, we all see these lights, but it is amazing how many […]

Quality v cost, part 2

IN the last issue, we covered the differences in cost, versus quality, of the brakes of your car. In this issue, we are going to be looking at tyres, and how the quality of these can affect the safety and handling of a vehicle. We are probably all familiar with top-brand names such as Goodyear, […]

How to drive safely in winter.

THERE are many winter lovers who like visiting cities during cold periods, or participating in snow sports. One must admit that it is not the same visiting, for instance, Sierra Nevada covered by snow, adding an extra attraction to these magical mountains, than without it. But if you go driving, this can be harrowing, especially […]

Cost v quality and safety – part 1  

WE are going to give you a review, regarding the supply and fitting of cheap car components, most notably brake pads, oil and tyres, against a more expensive type. This will enable you to make informed decisions, guided by your garage or mechanic, to fit the best for your car, type of driving and vehicle. […]

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