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Half-moon’s shining message for health!

OUR bodies have hundreds of small, often subtle, ways of sending us messages about our health. Things like the colour of our skin, how much our hair falls out, how quickly wounds heal, and acne, can all signal nutrient status, the state of our microbiome, potential food intolerances, and even serious diseases such as diabetes […]

Wholemeal bread now has much tastier price!

A NEW law, introduced last Monday, restricts the definition of “wholemeal bread” and brings the IGIC tax on it down from 10% to the 4% bottom rate. Until now, bread labelled “wholemeal” often contained just a tiny portion of wholemeal flour, if any at all, while other agents such as malt were used to give […]

Get a head start with coconut oil

COCONUT oil is one of the most beloved natural remedies around. It is said to turn dull strands lustrous, whiten teeth and hydrate dry skin, and offers a whole range of other benefits. Anecdotally, coconut oil, as a hair product, has been hailed as the ultimate all-in-one salve for ages. The oil is made up […]

Dogs can sniff out bed bugs, and even cancer in humans!

IT is no secret that dogs love to sniff around. Take them for a walk and, chances are, they’ll spend most of their time sniffing about, taking in as much of the world around them as possible. The canine sense of smell has, actually, long been a potent tool used by humans, be it in […]

‘ave an avocado!

THE avocado is the fruit of the avocado tree, scientifically known as Persea americana. This fruit is prized for its high nutrient value, and is added to various dishes because of its good flavour and rich texture. It is the main ingredient in guacamole. There are many types of avocado, and they vary in shape […]

Microwaves no longer the heart of the home

IF you are health conscious, you probably won’t use a microwave too often. Many people have moved away from the convenience of a microwave oven, because of the dangerous health risks they pose. Microwave ovens not only nuke our food and destroy any nutritional value that it has, but they also having a seriously-negative effect […]

5G not the way to go!

IT’S arguably the biggest existential threat to life on this planet, and it’s only been around for a mere blip in time, historically speaking. A growing number of experts are warning that wireless communication technologies, such as 5G, are a human-health nightmare, especially for children. Despite its “blazing-fast” speeds, 5G and its soon-to-be widespread presence […]

Daydreaming: why our minds love to wander

GET your head out of the clouds… this phrase must have been used by schoolteachers, time and again, when students are not paying attention. It happens when a particular subject does not appeal to them, and their minds wander on to something more interesting than whatever they were supposed to be focusing on. According to research, however, […]

 ‘Nature’ children grow up with sound mental health

CHILDREN exposed regularly to nature may be less likely to suffer mental health problems in adulthood, according to research led by La Caixa bank’s scientific unit. The facts, says the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal), were extracted from 3,600 people in four countries: Barcelona, in Spain; Stoke-on-Trent, UK; Doetinchem, The Netherlands, and Kaunas, Lithuania. […]

Care products disrupt hormones in children!

RESEARCHERS at the University of California have revealed that many conventional shampoo, soap and toothpaste products are loaded with endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, that damage hormones in developing children. Young girls are reaching puberty much earlier than normal, as a result of exposure to these EDCs. And boys are similarly experiencing reductions in testosterone levels, […]

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