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Test at home for health problems

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IT’S always a good idea to keep checks on our health, and the following can be carried out from the comfort of our own homes. Squeeze your legs With your thumb, press firmly in three to four places, up and down your legs. Do the areas stay white for a few seconds after you take […]

Golden girls

Health 2

By Carl Pattison No one should tell you when to stop being interested in fashion, not even when it comes to reaching a certain age. Fashion is for everyone, and that includes you ladies who think that once you’ve passed a certain number, you can’t be seen in anything but beige. The times I’ve seen […]

On a lighter note

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By Carl from Robot AFTER the winter months start creeping away, the world of hairdressing prepares for that time of year when the most popular colours are of a lighter variety. Out come the highlights, and even those of a darker tone love to be brightened up. There’s one thing we aren’t doing this year, […]

Lay off the sweeteners

Health 2

AMERICANS are well-known for their problems with weight-gain and having a sweet tooth, resulting in the market being flooded with various types of artificial sweeteners over the decades. They are now included in a variety of “light” or “low-calorie” foods, and appear everywhere, from chewing gum to infant formulas. However, new research has come to […]

Stars in stripes

Health 1

By Carl Pattison ONE hot trend to look out for this coming summer is all that is striped. Whether vertical, horizontal or geometric, clashing or complementing, it’s one pattern that suits all sizes and shapes. Go for wide stripes if you’re a smaller frame, and choose broad bands to create your stand-out look. For a […]


Health 1

By Carl from Robot UNFORTUNATELY, they don’t exist in the hairdressing world, but, if they did, they would make our jobs so much easier. Magic wands are figments of the imagination, but some hair clients believe we have one tucked away at the back of the salon. We can only work with what is provided, […]

Absolutely bag-u-lous!

Health 2

By Carl Pattison Tell me you don’t need a new one, that you have enough and can’t imagine finding one you just love. Handbags that is; that certain item all women want, and need to have just one more of on their arms. Handbags for women are more than just something to carry around your […]

One golden night

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by Carl Pattison LAST Sunday evening’s 2017 Oscars didn’t fail to surprise us, with some of the most stunning gowns ever to be walked down that famous red carpet. With a nip and a tuck, and from hair to nails, every star was preened to perfection, and there were enough gowns and jewels to fill […]

The Naked Truth

Health 2

by Carl from Robot THERE are many forms of male hair-loss, and many forms of treatment, too. You either accept it or you fight it, but there’s always a price to pay for trying to turn back the clock. If it’s due to cancer treatment, then the hair nearly always grows back. If it’s due […]


Health 2

By Carl Pattison YES, do it. You’ve always been told not to, but you have our permission to go ahead … double-denim”, that is. Once confined to the wardrobes of the not-so-glamorous, denim has turned over a new leaf, and can take you from day to evening wear with just a few, minor adjustments. The […]

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