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It’s food for thought

MANY of us have heard about the vegan diet, and have all sorts of misconceptions about what it entails. We imagine that the food would be tasteless and boring, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. And when Demi Thompson, founder of The Vegan Project, realised he wasn’t as healthy as he could have […]

Alcohol link to dementia

ALCOHOL-USE disorders are the most important, preventable, risk factors for the onset of all types of dementia, especially early-onset. This is according to a nationwide, observational study, published in The Lancet Public Health journal, of over one million adults diagnosed with dementia in France. This study looked, specifically, at the effect of alcohol-use disorders, and […]

Flush those kidneys

YOUR kidneys are an essential part of your body’s purification system. They help to detoxify your blood, so that the waste they filter out can then be discharged through your urine. Good kidney function is essential to any healthy body, and a thorough kidney cleanse, once in a while, will help your cause. About your […]

Pull that oil for perfect health!

OIL pulling, or rinsing the mouth with a plant-based oil, in an effort to rid it, and the body, of toxins, is an ancient folk remedy that originated in India, between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago. Along with chewing sticks and eating herbs, oil pulling is a component of natural healing processes, described in ancient […]

Sugar’s not so sweet after all

FAMILIES are opting for easy-to-eat, sugar-packed products, which pack out supermarket shelves, to the detriment of youngsters’ health. Nutritionist María Merino, author of the blog Comiendo con María (Eating with María), would never have believed that a tweet about her son’s breakfast would go viral. But a picture of her child with the caption: “My […]

Va va volume!

IT’S probably the most-asked question in the salon: “How do I create volume?” The answer is always in the haircut; if this isn’t right, no matter what you put on your hair, it’s not going to create volume. Your hair must be layered for this effect, otherwise it will just fall flat. Then it’s on […]

Rough with the smooth

TAKING the classic with casual, and mixing them together, is what’s coming through for you guys in Spring/Summer 2018. Combinations of smart jackets and polos, with your most-beaten-up of jeans, is how to really get the look. There’s no real, set order of how you piece this together, just as long as there’s an obvious […]

It’s a wrap

WE don’t suffer seasons too much, here in Tenerife, but there are times you do need to wrap up a little more. This season’s jackets see luxury fabrics from leather and fur to suede (all faux of course) and velvet texture. Look for waist-skimming box jackets, and knee-length, wrap-over coats. Detailing is the key; keep […]

On the fringe

THEY can disguise a multitude of sins, open the eyes and dramatically change face shapes. Fringes are always on trend. It doesn’t matter what face shape you have, because there’s one to suit nearly everybody. If you have a fuller forehead, then your best option is a side fringe, or a full one. This will […]

Brave new bold

By Carl Pattison ONE word that sums up fashion in 2018 is COLOUR. No matter what the slant on the current trend this year, we will see the emergence of everything from your primary colours to soft pastels, but put together in a way as not to blend, but to complement. Look out for clashing […]

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