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Jump jump to it!

By Carl Pattison YOU were told, months ago, that they were coming, and now they are being seen big-style, from catwalks to celebrity events – the jumpsuit is having its day, all over again. Once seen as being a work overall, the jumpsuit has really made its mark in the fashion halls of fame. Starting […]

Open your eyes!

By Carl Pattison from Robot IT’S all getting a little crazy on the hair-advertising side of things. I sit at home, reading the small print on screen, and listening to the way these companies twist and manipulate words to sell their chemicals in bottles. I hear clients telling me what they use on their hair, […]

So you want to be super-blonde?

By Carl Pattison from Robot BUT really blonde, and you want it to be the cleanest, whitest, purest of all blondes? Then there’s a price to pay for taking your hair to this level. Lifting your hair to a super-light blonde means stripping it of all natural tones, leaving behind little, or no, yellow. Taking […]

Splash the cash, or fake it?

By Carl Pattison IT can be a dilemma, or something you always do, but splashing out on expensive clothes is sometimes not necessary. OK, there are times when those must-have shoes beg to be taken off the shelf, and those designer jeans are going to make you feel so much more gorgeous. But, when it […]

Man up your hair-care routine

by Carl Pattison from Robot IT’S time to bust a few myths about men’s hair, and its upkeep. No one tells you how to groom your hair and take care of it, so, here goes. The number-one mistake men make is using the wrong shampoo, or even washing it in shower gel. Choose a mild, […]

The problem with ‘social’ drinking

How many times do we say: “I don’t drink much; just a glass of wine with my dinner, and maybe a few extra over the weekend or when out with friends”? When you have thought about it, you realise that one glass is half a bottle, and it’s normally two glasses, but you have dismissed […]

How dare they?

By Carl Pattison LOVE it or hate it, fashion is an art, and fashion is the one of the biggest retailers of our modern time. I often hear people criticising way-out images or models on runways, wearing what might seem ridiculous garments that no one would wear. That’s right! No one is going to put […]

Lemon wáter packs a punch

LEMONS are rich in Vitamin C and rejuvenate the skin from within, bringing a glow to your face. One of the major health benefits of drinking warm, lemon water is that it paves the way for losing weight faster. Warm lemon water serves as the perfect “good morning drink”, as it aids the digestive system, […]

Are you loving your look?

By Carl Pattison from Robot WE all love a hair makeover now and then; something to change the way we see ourselves, and to make us feel “new” again. Wanting to change your image is one thing, but, being told to, can be another thing altogether. Most of us don’t like being told that our […]

Stand up for your shopping rights!

By Carl Pattison HOW difficult is it to find the right outfit? Can’t find the right colour, it’s not your style or it just doesn’t look right when you get it on? Well, imagine not being a so-called, “regular” size. People are built in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but, so far,  clothes for […]

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