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Fashion has no size

by Carl Pattison  WE are very accustomed to seeing images of wafer-thin, bikini models with perfect bodies, and over-the-top, photo-shopped pictures that have no relevance to today’s woman. Imagine if your day out at the beach started with “what the heck do I wear?” Larger women want to look just as good as any other […]

Sitting down: an unhealthy way to live

FOR those of you who believe that keeping active can undo the bad effects of sitting for too long, think again! Even if you exercise regularly, being immobile can still be bad for your heart. “Based on existing evidence, we found that US adults are sedentary for about 6-8 hours a day,” said Deborah Rohm […]

The price on your head

by Carl Pattison from Robot “I DID it to save a few euros” is one, “I thought I could do it myself” is another, along with “my friend said she could do it”. These are all but a few of the excuses we hear in the salon, as to why someone has messed up their […]

Water difference it makes to your life!

WE all know that the human body is primarily made up of water, and that we need to consume a certain amount to survive. The muscles and kidneys are composed of 73% water; blood 83%; lungs 90%  and the brain 76%. We lose water via urine, breath and sweat, so replenishment is crucial. Signs you’re […]

Colour chameleons

by Carl Pattison KNOWING your fashion colours is the key to getting your wardrobe right. That’s not just choosing what’s “in fashion”, but what shades actually suit your skin tone, hair colour and even eye colour. Getting these factors right can be the difference between a fashion disaster and fashion compliments. So, how do you […]

‘Tell me another one’

by Carl from Robot “YOU should write a book” they say! Just when I think I’ve heard it all, up pops another amazing comment about what people think about their hair. Trying to convince someone that what they believe about hair and hairdressing is incorrect can be frustrating – but also funny. During my years […]

Fear for teen pot-smokers

CANNABIS, a naturally-grown herb, has been used for thousands of years to treat health conditions. It is very powerful in its oil form, and only small amounts are needed for it to have a powerful effect on the body and mind. But a new study has revealed how dangerous the effects can be on teenagers […]

All aboard

By Carl Pattison SUMMER’S just around the corner, and the stores are starting to fill with this coming season’s fashions. One of the looks coming through, apart from military again (this just won’t go away), is a continuation of this, but in a nautical style. Blazers abound in light fabrics, to layer over thin T-shirts. […]

The short cut to glamour

By Carl from Robot Masculine, butch and unattractive; that’s how some people regard women with short hair, and it’s mostly men who think this. Scraping back long hair is far more stark and unforgiving, yet plenty of women do it. So why is it that the thought of a woman cutting off her hair brings […]

Test at home for health problems

IT’S always a good idea to keep checks on our health, and the following can be carried out from the comfort of our own homes. Squeeze your legs With your thumb, press firmly in three to four places, up and down your legs. Do the areas stay white for a few seconds after you take […]

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