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Activate Sports Club

THIS prestigious sports centre is now a private club, and has a new image and facilities. Thanks to its desire to offer the best services and create an unparalleled experience, in just three years it has managed to become a highly-recommended gym and social club in the south of Tenerife. Now, Activate Sports Club continues […]

How to deal with post-traumatic stress

FOLLOWING my recent article regarding PTSD, I was sent this email:   Hi Charlotte, Thank you for your article. I have a daughter who suffers from anxiety attacks which the doctor has diagnosed as PTSD, because of her father (my husband) dying suddenly. We moved to Spain a couple of years ago to start again, […]

Hey, party pants

by Carl Pattison WE are in the height of summer, shorts are out and there’s more of you on show than normal. So, go against the flow and hook onto one of summer’s hot looks, and that’s the all-new trousers. Don’t think that they’re only for the cooler times of year. From loose to skinny-cut, […]

Here comes the sun

I USUALLY write about hair damage from the sun after the summer  is over, advising you how to repair your precious locks. This year, prevention is the cure, so read on and help your hair to survive the heat. Covering up is the best solution, but we all wander out in the sun without being […]

Belt up, ladies

by Carl Patisson THEY are always the forgotten fashion accessory, and the last thing you would think to pick up on a shopping spree, but belts make such a statement. From delicately slim to almost basque-style, belts can bring an outfit to life, and give your figure so much more shape. Grab a belt to […]

Longing for it

by Carl Pattison from Robot WE extend it, clip in more of it and buy any product that promises to give us it … we all love long hair. Seen, by some, as the most-feminine of all lengths, it has been sought after for years. Having it can be a chore to some, and achieving […]

Right on style

by Carl Patisson from Robot “I CAN’T do anything with my hair” is what I often hear in the salon from new clients, who are fighting curls or struggling with overly-long hair. But there’s always a solution. I’ve yet to see a customer who has hair that’s impossible to deal with; the trick is finding […]

Stealth drug is still a mystery to hospitals

BURUNDANGA is the popular name for scopolamine, a drug used in medicine to treat nausea and motion sickness, among other conditions. But its side-effects include drowsiness, a loss of inhibition and memory lapses. And, despite arguments to the contrary, this really is a drug that can be slipped into a woman’s drink sometimes, to pave […]

Fearless fashionistas

by Carl Pattison  WHEN did it become fashionable to stop being interested in fashion? Who tells you when to stop making a statement with your clothes? At what age isn’t it right to show your fashion sense, and stop experimenting with your look? The answer is: NEVER. I can’t ever imagine not being interested in […]

Alcohol can spark breast-cancer risk

DRINKING wine with a meal is a pleasurable activity for many, especially in a holiday environment like Tenerife, but a woman’s risk of breast cancer is raised when she drinks just one small glass of wine a day, a major report concludes. Her health could be endangered, even if she follows safe-drinking guidelines of 14 […]

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