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Renewed risks of no-deal Brexit weakens sterling

AFTER soaring at the start of the year, the pound found itself in reverse gear, over the past couple of weeks, on the back of renewed Brexit uncertainty. This has seen GBP/EUR retreat from a 19-month high of  €1.15 to €1.14, allowing EUR/GBP to rebound from £0.86 to £0.87. Meanwhile, GBP/USD has tumbled from $1.32 […]

The Patriots’ Complex Dynasty

As you’re no doubt aware by now, the New England Patriots just won another Super Bowl, breaking several NFL playoff records in the process and further cementing themselves as one of the great American sports dynasties. There really aren’t any more questions to ask about their elite level throughout the 21st century so far. Tom […]

Pension options in Spain

PENSIONS are often the key to long-term financial security, so take extreme care when deciding what to do here. Expats have the added complication of factoring in the tax rules of two countries, as well as Brexit’s potential to limit the range of opportunities. So what are today’s options for Britons living in Spain? “Defined […]

Brexit optimism propels the pound to multi-month highs

THE pound is roaring ahead so far, this year, with Brexit news helping to propel sterling to new multi-month highs, over the past couple of weeks. This has seen GBP/EUR strike a 19-month high, as the pairing rose from €1.11 to €1.15, while EUR/GBP has fallen from £0.89 to £0.86. Meanwhile, GBP/USD has climbed from […]

Life is a journey. Prepare, to enjoy it without worries.

LIVING in Spain is, undoubtedly, a great and enjoyable experience, but, unfortunately, sometimes we have to face the legalities of a different bureaucracy. You can find many differences in legal procedures, even when it comes to death, something inevitable that we all have to deal with. In order to make things a little easier at […]

Tax news for the Canary Isles

THE start of a new year is also the start of a new tax year in Spain, so what tax changes do we have in 2019? 2019 budget While Spain’s central government is debating the state budget for 2019, the local Canary Islands government has approved its budget for the year. And we have some […]

New Letting Laws offer tenants a far better deal

By Mariano Zunino THE main changes to the Letting Laws, active since last month, should be regarded as a series of urgent measures in the housing and rental sector. Longer letting Agreements The Letting Contract Law 29/1994, amended in December, introduced the following modifications that affect rental contracts: The obligatory extension period for housing leases […]

Possible Brexit delay has boosted sterling

BREXIT continues to dominate the pound this year, with sterling climbing on the back of some positive developments. This saw GBP/EUR rise from 1.10 euros to 1.12, while EUR/GBP has fallen from £0.90 to £0.89. Meanwhile, GBP/USD climbed from $1.26 to $1.28, while EUR/USD held at $1.14. So far, the pound has enjoyed two weeks […]

Despite Brexit woes, GBP/EUR recovers from three-month low

THE pound plummeted, recently, to a three-month low against the euro, as the latest, Brexit developments took their toll. GBP/EUR has since recovered some of its lost ground, however, with the pairing edging up from 1.10 euros to 1.11. EUR/GBP, meanwhile, has edged back below £0.90. GBP/USD remains over a cent weaker than the month’s […]

New mortgage law will be boost for customers

By Mariano Zunino A NEW mortgage law was approved on Tuesday by the Congress of Deputies, to help customers avoid evictions. It also forces banks to pay mortgage expenses, as well as lowering mortgage amortisation (reducing the cost of each repayment). In addition, it points out that it is not obligatory, but an option, to […]

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