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The more you take, the better the return

LIBERTY Seguros, the expats’ No.1 choice for insurance, is offering more discounts to existing and new customers, through a new Cashback promotion, from now until 20th December 2018. To continue its loyalty to existing customers, for every new car or home policy taken out, you will receive a 60-euro Cashback, so you’ll receive 120 euros […]

Brexit ‘Impasse’ warning dragging GBP/EUR down

THE pound has been on a rollercoaster ride over recent weeks, with steady gains against the euro and US dollar, giving way to heavy losses because of Brexit anxieties. Overall, the GBP/EUR exchange rate has remained at 1.11 euros over the last fortnight. The pairing rose to 1.12, but lost this on a fresh, Brexit […]

Cashing in on car-hire firms

HIRE-CAR companies in Tenerife use around 16,000 vehicles a day, which generates some 5.5% revenue for the tourist sector. That adds up to an estimated 118,200,000 euros annually, according to sources from Tenerife’s travel and tourism sectors. Hire cars are the most common means of transport for tourists moving around the islands, especially Tenerife, where […]

Hopes for a clean-break Brexit boost GBP/EUR exchange rates

THE pound has been strongly influenced by Brexit over the past two weeks, making tentative gains against the euro, but having a harder time against the US dollar. The GBP/EUR rate has improved over the last fortnight, opening at 1.10 euros, and hitting 1.12 last week; the pairing has, most recently, fallen back to 1.11. […]

Courts clash over late mortgage repayments

By Mariano Zunino THE lack of legal criteria, establishing when the clauses on late-payment interest in mortgage loans are abusive, has led the Spanish First and High Courts to apply different decisions. Consequently, it has led to legal uncertainty, and an arbitrary difference of treatment for consumers. To end this disparity, and also end the […]

GBP/EUR slides to 2018 worst levels, as Brexit jitters pile on!

THE pound’s August tumble versus the euro could be set to continue, as fresh comments from high-ranking officials, both in the UK and EU, keep alive fears of a possible “no-deal” Brexit. Over the past fortnight, GBP/EUR has seen significant losses, tumbling from 1.12 euros to 1.10. EUR/GBP, on the other hand, has climbed to […]

UK taxman hunts Spanish dodgers

THE British government has informed taxpayers, including those living in Spain or Tenerife, that they must declare their earnings on overseas assets by 30th September, or face fines. The UK’s tax-collecting authority, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), say the call is aimed at those who have not informed officials of assets and earnings outside the […]

Our house, our refuge, our castle… in short, our home

NOT everyone knows that taking out a home policy isn’t mandatory, except when the house is mortgaged. It’s the only situation that requires a person to have a policy which protects their home in Spain. However, it is worth saying that, although it is not mandatory, it is advisable and necessary to be prepared for […]

Political uncertainties help GBP/EUR stand firm

THE pound had plummeted to new, multi-month lows against both the euro and US dollar, in the past couple of weeks, although it has managed to claw its way back higher, as UK political tensions began to ease. GBP/EUR has slumped from 1.13 euros to 1.12, over the last two weeks, and EUR/GBP has climbed […]

Irate Ryanair staff spell out conditions

RYANAIR staff have taken to social media during the current strikes by cabin crew, pilots ground staff, to underscore their working conditions. They are striking for two days following the break-down of talks between the unions and Ryanair broke down. The hashtag #RyanairMustChange was trending before last weekend, with angered staff revealing their grievances. The […]

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