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GBP/USD recovers ground on Trump trade anxieties

BREXIT jitters have continued to dominate the outlook for the pound, as the next round of formal negotiations draws nearer, especially as concerns over the global trade outlook have picked up. Lingering uncertainties over the future of the UK economy have seen GBP/EUR slip from 1.1395 to 1.1154, even though the pairing has started to […]

UK inheritance tax to be simplified?

IF you struggle to navigate the UK’s Inheritance Tax (IHT) regime, you are not alone. Whether you are setting up your estate planning, or sorting out the estate of a departed family member, the system can be hard to follow. Getting your planning wrong may mean your family are faced with unexpected, high, inheritance-tax bills. […]

Uncertain, economic outlook slows pound Sterling advance

DESPITE uncertainty surrounding the UK economic outlook, the pound was able to climb higher over the past fortnight. GBP/EUR started by sinking to a low of 1.1223 euros, but was then able to climb higher, albeit with a few bumps in the road, to a high of 1.1398 over the following days. GBP/USD lost its […]

GBP/EUR slumps on fresh, Brexit uncertainties

STAYING on top of the latest currency news can help you time your transfers more effectively, so find out what you should be looking out for, over the next couple of weeks. Increased currency volatility, and resurgent Brexit concerns, have left the pound fluctuating against the euro and US dollar. Over the last two weeks, […]

What can expatriates in Spain do with their UK pension in 2018?

WITH pensions, your long-term financial security is at stake, so take care to do what is right for you and your family. Start by understanding the options available for different pension types. “Defined contribution” or “money purchase” pensions With these pensions, what you are entitled to depends on how much you have paid into the […]

EU comments on Brexit reversal boost GBP

POUND Sterling was able to race to multi-month highs over the past 14 days, thanks to improving outlooks on UK monetary policy and Brexit. The lowest point for GBP/EUR, during the past fortnight, was seen right at the start of the period, when the pairing was at 1.1229 euros. The pairing hit an eight-month high […]

Belgian Property Fair success

PREMIER Properties Tenerife attended, from 20th-21st January, their first overseas Property Fair in Waregem, Belgium. The Real Estate Fair Spain Expofair takes place three times a year, and is aimed at those who plan to acquire a second property in Spain as an investment, or just to spend their holidays here, as well as those […]

Salvador claims his just rewards

AT the end of 2017, Salvador, my client and friend, received his best gift ever, granted by the Constitutional Court in Madrid. The case started at the end of 2016, when I advised him not to lose expectations but to try the hard, and almost unreachable, admission of claim before this Court (“recurso de amparo”). […]

Delays to Brexit talks unsettle pound Sterling

STAYING on top of the latest currency news can help you time your transfers more effectively, so find out what you should be looking out for, over the next couple of weeks. It’s been a volatile two weeks for the pound, with markets having plenty to react to. GBP/EUR struck a high of 1.1491 euros, […]

Should you cash-in a ‘gold-plated’ pension?

by Paul Montague, Partner, Blevins Franks WOULD you prefer £300,000 now, or £10,000 a year, for life? This is a similar dilemma faced by many Britons with “final-salary” pensions, where employers guarantee a minimum, inflation-linked income throughout retirement. Today, many pension providers are offering high pay-outs, “transfer values”, to give up those “gold-plated” rights. While […]

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