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GBP kept on its toes

STAYING on top of the latest currency news can help you time your transfers more effectively, so find out what you should be looking out for over the next couple of weeks. The UK general election certainly didn’t go the way PM Theresa May expected when she called for it, back in April, and all […]

Is your financial plan still ideal?

By Paul Montague (Partner, Blevins Franks) FOR most people, the key aim of financial planning is to protect their wealth. Whether it’s your investments, tax-planning, pensions or estate-planning, there are two key elements to consider: are they up-to-date, and, specifically, designed around your circumstances and objectives? Protecting your wealth We need to protect the value […]

There May be trouble ahead …

GBP volatility expected THE pound’s run of losses against the major currencies persisted for the last couple of weeks of May. By the beginning of June, Sterling had fallen to a 2½-month low against the euro and multi-week lows against a number of the other majors. Over the past two weeks, GBP/EUR has fallen from […]

UK inheritance tax reforms

By Paul Montague (Partner, Blevins Franks) THE tax year in the UK, which started on 6th April, introduced a new Residential Nil Rate Band for inheritance tax. Changes to the domicile regime were also meant to come into effect then, but these have now been put on hold until after Thursday’s General Election (8th June). […]

Government crackdown on  reluctant floor-clause firms

THE Spanish Government has installed a Monitoring Committee to oversee the public’s out-of-court mechanism for thousands of “floor clause” (clausula suelo) claims. This special body will oversee and evaluate compliance by credit institutions, such as banks, and urgent measures will be introduced to protect consumers on a matter approved in January by Spain’s Supreme Court. […]

When Plusvalia Tax is void

THE Constitutional Court has recently declared that the municipal Tax on the Increased Urban Land Value (also known as Plusvalia) is null when the property is sold and there is no revaluation (this means, sale price is not higher than purchase price). It is important not to confuse this Town Hall tax with Capital Gains […]

UK politics to drive GBP

AFTER riding high in April, the pound was shot down in May. Over the last month, the GBP/EUR exchange rate has fallen from a high of 1.1949 euros to lows of 1.1563. Meanwhile, the EUR/GBP exchange rate has strengthened from £0.8368 to £0.8648. The pound has spent the last few weeks declining gradually in the […]

Macron’s victorious, so what next for the euro?

By Carol Schleisman THE second half of April saw the pound fall from a multi-month best of 1.1990 against the euro, but it hit a succession of new highs against dollar currencies like those of the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. GBP/EUR was trading in the region of 1.16 euros this time last month, […]

Homes getting dearer

THE cost of homes in Spain, new and used, increased 2% in April, compared with the same month last year But it’s a huge 39.9% decrease against 2007, when prices were at an all-time high, according to the Tinsa IMIE index. The growth registered in April was down to a 6.1% increase in capitals and […]

Investment planning for life in the Canaries

By Paul Montague, Partner, Blevins Franks  WHEN you have worked hard to build up your savings, it is not always easy to decide how best to look after them, especially if you are retired. You most likely have some, or all, of the following objectives: Protect your capital and maintain financial security Generate an income […]

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