Beware choriza, or become depressed!

PEOPLE who eat ultra-processed foods regularly, such as Spanish chorizo, are more likely to be depressed.

That’s the verdict of a study by experts, involving 14,000 volunteers, which has determined that consumers of “low nutritional-quality” products, are 33% more at risk of the disease.

The work was published by Spain’s University of Navarra, in the European Journal of Nutrition. And a total of 14,907 people, who had never suffered depression, were monitored for an average of 10 years during the project.

Fewer people in Spain are eating the famously-healthy Mediterranean diet. Instead, they are opting for more processed foods, and, among the test subjects, 774 new cases of clinically-diagnosed depression were detected.

Those who consumed ultra-processed foods were one-third more likely to suffer depression, the risk heightening for those who performed low levels of physical exercise.

Clara Gomez Donoso, a researcher at the university, said previous studies found that, “ultra-processed food increased the risk of hypertension and obesity”.

She added: “These cardiometabolic conditions share pathophysiological mechanisms and risk factors with depression.”

The classification identifies ultra-processed foods as industrially-manufactured products, containing refined or synthesised ingredients, which no longer resemble the original ingredients.

Refined ingredients include sugar, starch, vegetable oil and salt, while synthesised ingredients include trans fats, hydrolysed protein and additives.

Sweets, sausages, industrial pastries and breakfast cereals are among the worst offenders in Spain.

“They are characterised by low nutritional quality, convenience, availability and hyper-palatability,” added Clara Gomez.


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