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The Cyder Cup 4

Oasis Fm 3 – 1 Blacktower Financial Management Last Saturday saw the 4th edition of the Cyder Cup, sponsored by Blacktower Financial Management, and a good day was certainly had by all. Many of the same players returned to see if Oasis Fm could be crowned winners again, but, alas, Blacktower pipped them to the […]

The sun sets on a magical trip!

By Tara Scarlata THE sunsets in Tenerife can be pretty spectacular, and, with La Gomera as a backdrop, they are a special experience that visitors to Tenerife can enjoy. To make it that little more magical, we set sail on the Mustcat Catamaran, for their first sunset trip of the season. We were warmly welcomed […]

Special-needs kittens

Cats Welfare news MOST of us, when choosing a kitten, want it to be perfect. But life isn’t always like that, and Cats Welfare, occasionally, has kittens available for adoption which have disabilities. Their sight may be impaired, they may only have three legs, because of an amputation, or they may just be frail, because […]


K9 animal news DUQUE is looking for a place to call home! He is a large six-year-old, waiting patiently, at the refuge, to be adopted. He was found in Atogo with his daughter, after both of them were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. She has now been homed, but he has been left […]

CBD oil therapy

Live Arico news LIVE Arico care for sick and old dogs until their time has come, and we try everything to make them content in their sunset years. Heina is one of our very elderly residents, and she was diagnosed with bone cancer and severe arthritis. We have discovered that CBD treatment can be very […]

New mosquito virus is not that desperate

A NEW mosquito species has arrived in Spain for the first time, and it could be carrying a deadly virus, according to the Health Alerts and Emergencies Co-ordination Centre. But experts believe it is relatively safe. It started with a simple photograph of one of these creatures being sent to the Mosquito Alert site, from […]

Golden-oldies are sharing skills, via their special app

A RETIRED saxophonist is available for events, a 76-year-old offers painting classes, and a former plumber can help you fix your sink, for a reasonable price. And, says Núria Ricart, while sandpapering an antique drawer: “There could be someone out there who could help you with a lot of things you don’t know about.” This […]

Minor earthquake, just beneath Teide

THE National Geographic Institute (IGN) has registered an earthquake of 2 degrees on the Richter scale, just below Mount Teide. The tremor took place at 12.30am on Tuesday, some two kilometres deep, under the volcano. A tremor of this scale is classed as a “micro earthquake”, which can’t be felt by people. But seismographs are […]

Saddle-up for a unique town, which bans cars!

HOW on earth would you cope if your hometown banned the use of cars altogether, and you grew up having to go shopping on your horse? In Love Valley, residents call their streets “trails” instead of roads, lanes or even streets, because, in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina, no cars are allowed. Yet the town offers […]

50,000 migrants are set for great escape

POLICE sources have been informed that some 50,000 illegal migrants, from sub-Saharan Africa, are on the alert in Morocco, awaiting the word to cross into Spain. The warning comes after 21,000 migrants had made the extremely dangerous journey across the sea, to seek asylum in Europe. Spain has become the No.1 point of migrant-arrival in […]

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