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The 2018 Spanish budget is finally approved

THE Spanish budget for 2018 was meant to have been approved in September 2017, but, because of political instability in Spain, and the lack of sufficient support to pass the budget, it had to be postponed. With no 2018 budget confirmed at the start of the year, the 2017 budget was automatically extended until the […]

Cool off with a paddle!

Accion del Sol news WE will be open all over the summer holidays, at the times outlined below, so, if you have any spare time on your hands, please do come and walk the dogs. They love a stroll down to the beach, and a paddle in the sea! We guarantee that all our dogs […]

Abandoned cats

Cats Welfare news PLEASE don’t leave  your pets to fend for themselves, if you have to relocate. They’ll be hungry, lonely and frightened, waiting patiently for you to return. Imagine what it must be like to be abandoned by your family, not knowing whether they would ever come back. Please plan ahead, and find a […]

What a relief !

Live Arico news A FAMILY of pups were abandoned in a box in Vilaflor, but, luckily, a local man, who is a Live Arico supporter, found them. One pup escaped from the box and could not be caught, and, despte a long search, it had vanished. Three days later, another Live Arico supporter spotted a […]

A grand total of migrants saved

THE seemingly endless stream of migrants, trying to reach Spain in precarious boats, continues unabated, with as many as 1,000 migrants rescued, from last Friday to Sunday evening. Incredibly, some 18,016 people have arrived in Spain since the beginning of the year Last Sunday, Maritime rescue ships helped save 447 people from 24 rickety boats: 190 in […]

Bronson dumps new wife, after 8 months

BRITAIN’S most violent prisoner is divorcing his wife after only eight months, because pictures have surfaced of a man with his head in her breasts in Tenerife. Notorious Charles Bronson, currently in HMP Wakefield, told 37-year-old Paula Williamson that he was seeking a divorce after the snaps from a wild night out came to light. […]

Drug-dealer arrested again

NATIONAL Police arrested a man on Tuesday in Santa Cruz, La Palma, for drug-trafficking and drug-dealing. He was already familiar to the officers, because he has an existing police record involving similar crimes. The 41-year-old was surprised by the officers, who intervened immediately after they had witnessed a drugs’ transaction on a busy street in […]

Overweight van was danger on the roads

LOCAL Police in Santa Cruz were forced to stop a van as it was driven around Santa Cruz, because it appeared to be overloaded and dangerous. It was obviously transporting several heavy items, which led police to suspect that it was carrying a lot more than its recommended safety weight. The van, spotted in the […]

Workers’ rights, and political post-truths!

THE rights of workers in the 21st global market place, and the emergence of post-truth in politics, were just two of the subjects under the spotlight during the first day of Adeje’s Summer University. Gloria Rojas Rivero, the University of La Laguna’s law professor, is leading the course on “Globalización y empresas en red: organización […]

Anti-jab parents keep kids away from needle

AN anti-vaccination movement has built up a following of several hundred families in the city of Barcelona, according to the latest, local health survey. It was conducted by local authorities, and, though it is still a fringe movement, the poll shows that around 3,000 (1.5%) Barcelona children have not had their shots. Yet this has nothing […]

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