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Let your broker advise you!

NOWADAYS, comparison web sites are a very popular choice for anyone searching for insurance. But is that really the best way forward? Sure, if you are buying only on price, maybe that’s good for you, but if you want to find something that is not only a good price, but also a good product that […]

GBP recovers well

THE pound lost much of its strength at the beginning of November, but GBP was able to rebound from its lowest levels as the month progressed. Over the past two weeks, GBP/EUR has trended between a high of 1.1368 euros, and a nine-week low of 1.1099. GBP/USD, meanwhile, has seen an even choppier fortnight. Although […]

Pet insurance? Get it, or regret it!

Cats Welfare news GIVING a kitten, cat, puppy or dog a new home is one of the most exciting and rewarding commitments you can make, and has positive benefits for every member of the family. Most owners will agree that their pets’ inquisitive natures can sometimes lead them into the occasional scrapes, and the costs […]

Morgan homed!

K9 animal news SHE arrived at the kennels in a terrible state, a few months ago, with a severe flea allergy which left her partially bald. Her skin was irritated, and covered with painful lesions. And, if that weren’t enough, she tested positive for heartworm! Her allergy was treated with flea-prevention medication, and her skin […]

Dog of the week  – Canela

Live Arico news CANELA is a three-year-old, small female, in need of a home. She is beautiful, and waiting for you, right now. Why not come to meet her? Call Sue on 6293 88102 for more information. Adopt, don’t buy! 2018 calendars Once again, we are rather proud of them. They are just five euros, […]

Barcelona tightening its grip on terrorists

FOLLOWING Barcelona’s terrorist attacks in the city centre and in Cambrils (Tarragona province) last August, extra security measures have been taken to give residents and tourists a greater sense of protection. Spain is generally considered to have a much lower risk of terrorism than other parts of the EU, including the UK, France and Germany. […]

Wanted Brit’s decade in the sun finally ends

A BRITON, on the run from police for 10 years, appeared on Monday before the La Linea Court in Cadiz, on a European Arrest Warrant. The 42-year-old man, identified only as AJL, is accused of being involved in a traffic accident with two La Linea Local Police officers in 2007, assaulting one and injuring the […]

Drugs paid for part-timer’s holiday bonanza for family

A PART-TIME shop assistant is accused of spending £200,000 on luxury holidays with her husband, thanks to a family-run cocaine-trafficking racket. Manchester Crown Court heard that Colleen Campbell, 33, who was employed for clothes store Matalan, was said to rely on state benefits. But a jury was told how Colleen, and husband Thomas, enjoyed extravagant […]

A plea for justice, after ‘abuse of human rights in the Canary Islands’

FIVE Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are seeking a commission to be formed in Brussels to investigate “judicial corruption” in Spain, and, especially, in the Canary Islands. The request comes as a result of the perceived abuse of human rights, and disregard for rules of due process, in the so-called “Kokorev Case”. In February, […]

Chief prosecutor dies as Catalan rebels face trial

SPAIN’S Attorney General, Jose Manuel Maza, who was leading the prosecution of the separatist Catalan leaders died, suddenly,  last Saturday in Argentina. The 66-year-old,  who had been attending a conference in Buenos Aires, was taken to a hospital in the city after saying he felt unwell. He passed away soon afterwards from a reported kidney […]

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