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English… as she is spoken, in Madrid

ENGLISH is the language of both business and tourism, which is why many tourist destinations, including the Madrid region, have started to carry English translations on signs, maps and menus in museums and restaurants. In the same vein, 500 taxi drivers in the city have signed up to a free, online English course, run by […]

O’Leary digging Ryanair into an even deeper hole

TROUBLED airline Ryanair, not content with infuriating more than 300,000 customers by cancelling flights for six weeks, has now announced it is scrapping a further 1,800 flights until March 2018, which will affect a further 400,000 people. The Irish company, now offering flights to France for under a fiver, and to much of the rest […]

This is all a bit double Dutch!

A RULE by the EU, which requires English to be the official language between pilots and air-traffic controllers, has come into force. And it even applies when both parties share a native tongue that is not English! The rule affects those airports with over 50,000 international flights operating per year, which means Madrid’s Rodolfo Suárez-Barajas […]

Flock kept on its toes – by a blind sheepdog

AN amazing, five-year-old sheepdog still tends to his flock in the field, despite being blind. In fact, Kit looks after 210 sheep and goats near the Basque Country town of Sodupe, relying on just his nose and ears. And the super-smart dog even beat his sighted rivals at a local sheep-herding competition, in which he […]

May’s Brexit speech sparks expat survey

BRITISH expats must participate in a poll concerning dual or Spanish nationality, says Anne Hernandez, co-founder of Expatiates in Spain. She set up the survey after Theresa May’s “vacuous” Brexit speech in Florence, Italy. And in its first 12 hours, nearly 200 people said they would be happy taking joint-nationality, if available. And more than […]

Referendum vote’s still in the balance

FLAG-WAVING crowds cheered Guardia Civil officers heading to Catalonia on Wednesday, ahead of Sunday’s bitterly-controversial, independence referendum, which still may not go ahead. Dozens of supporters belted out the football chants Yo Soy Espagnol (I’m Spanish) and A Por Ellos (Go and get them) as police reinforcements left Huelva, Andalucia. Similar scenes were played out […]

‘Van’ Gogh’s stroke too far

IMAGINE parking your vehicle overnight, and finding it covered in graffiti the next morning? That’s what happened to a white van parked in Los Cristianos centre, as you can see from the above photo, posted by the owner, Daniel Cetrulo, who must surely be furious. But there’s a twist in the tale that will have […]

Guardia’s saviours

RUSSIAN mum Oxana Mulyukova, who was nine months pregnant, felt a pain across her belly when she was in Playa Paraiso with her husband and daughter. She then realised she was bleeding profusely, so her husband, Pavel, pointed their car towards Candelaria Hospital and drove there as quickly as possible. Happily, Guardia Civil officers Javier […]

Knife-man stole 900 euros

A MAN has been arrested for committing two robberies in La Laguna, armed with a knife, stealing a total of 900 euros. He was said to have threatened an employee in one place with a knife. However, officers found the 42-year-old suspect in the vicinity of where he had been thieving and arrested him. An […]

Leg-break crash

AN English woman, aged 45, was hurt badly after being knocked down by a car in Torviscas Alto. It happened last week at 10.30pm on Avenida Austria, and paramedics arriving at the scene discovered she’d had a leg broken. The woman was taken to the nearby Quirón Hospital, in Costa Adeje, for further treatment. Local […]

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