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Our doctors so over-worked

IT is a little-known fact, but each family doctor in the Canary Islands is responsible for 1,420 people, which is an enormous burden. Studies of the health personnel have remained almost unchanged in the Canaries in recent years, but each worker has to serve a growing number of patients. This has emerged from data on […]

Holiday for dogs and tourists

A GROUP  group of Belgian tourists set aside a day of their holiday to spend at the refuge walking the dogs. They had a super time, as did the dogs, and there were big smiles all round  afterwards. So many people of all nationalities help us in lots of ways, for which we are grateful […]

Apollo wants a new home

THREE months ago, we were asked to rescue a young dog running on waste ground near Los Cristianos. We responded, rescued him and fixed his broken leg. But now we are stuck because no one wants to adopt this beautiful dog, who will make a great pet. If you can give him a chance of […]

So expensive to live in Madrid!

THERE is a huge cash gap between living in Spain’s most expensive region, Madrid, and in its cheapest, Extremadura. It amounts to 43% more,  according to a study presented by Jaume García, former head of the National Statistics Institute and now a professor at Catalonia’s Pompeu Fabra University. The study, commissioned by the Catalan regional […]

Flame flickers on beach smoking

IF plans to extend the current smoking ban in Brighton get the green light,having a puff on the beach will also be outlawed. The local authority is still discussing whether to hold a consultation on a proposal to make outdoor public spaces smoke-free. Anti-smoking campaigners say the move would prevent people from being exposed to […]

Benefits’ warning for Brits in Spain

BRITONS on benefits who are considering moving to the Canary Islands or mainland Spain should remember to tell the authorities before finalising their plans. Failure to do so may well result in a criminal offence, warns the Department for Work and Pensions. With the current strength of the pound against the euro, more and more […]

More buses, more often!

TENERIFE Cabildo has created a new, redesigned TITSA bus  network in the South to provide better connections – and more often! It will help travellers, and, hopefully, persuade more people to use public transport. Cabildo President Carlos Alonso rubber-stamped the new network, accompanied by directors of Island Development Minister Miguel Becerra; Mobility Minister Manuel Ortega; […]

Endless praise for tragic film

A FILM about the horrific Khojaly tragedy 23 years ago, which was directed by Lithuanian Aleksandras Brokas, is being recognised on the international festival circuit. Following its Best of Show Award in the US-based Accolade Global Film Competition, Endless Corridor, has picked up two more prestigious awards. The Tenerife International Film Festival, held in Madrid […]

Cruz film’s grand opening

THE film Ma Ma, which stars Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and includes scenes shot in Tenerife a year ago, will have its premier September. The Plaza de San Pedroe and the streets of Carmona, La Fuente and La Pasada in Granadilla were some of the points chosen for filming, in addition to the hospital units […]

La Palma’s all-seeing, 80m-euro sky wonder

LA PALMA has been chosen to accommodate the world’s largest gamma-ray telescope, thanks to immense support by the Spanish and Canary Islands Governments. Cherenkov Telescope Network Council (CTA) has agreed that the Canarian Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (ORM) is capable of accommodating its gigantic scientific facility in the Northern Hemisphere. The decision was announced […]

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