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Big-hearted Offshore Bar birthday couple

And to celebrate, many of their clients, friends and neighbours joined them and their children, Portia and Alana, for a party.Even though it has been a tough year for every bar in Tenerife, Ed and Natalie decided that 10% of the takings that night would go to the Children of Watamu Charity.The funds go towards […]

Charity climbers earn sunrise reward

The challenge was to see the sunrise from Teide and the 18-strong party achieved their goal, raising in excess of 1,000 euros. That was the target set by organiser Karen Clack, chief fund-raiser for Aktionier, the dog sanctuary based at Accion Del Sol.The funds will be spent on building a new fenced area and kennels […]

Higgins was the last great rebel!

I CAN play shots the others can only dream about! That was my introduction to Alex Higgins in February, 1980, and I couldn’t believe I was in the presence of greatness.     The little leprechaun from Northern Ireland, nicknamed “Hurricane” because of his speed around the table, really was the greatest ‒ just ask […]

The Sons� cream is factor 7!

USING protection from the sun is a must at this time of year on this little rock in the Atlantic, or you risk getting badly burnt. And that is exactly what happened to the league leaders on Friday night. Tenerife Sons were truly out of this world as they smashed the Phoenix Bar 7-1.That sent […]

Full-face transplant man full of the joys

The 31-year-old, identified only as Oscar, spoke with considerable difficulty at a news conference on Tuesday as he thanked the medical team who gave him a new face in late March at a Barcelona hospitalHe said: “I’m very happy to be here and I want to express my gratitude to the hospital and medical team, […]

The Battle of Santa Cruz

The Battle of Santa Cruz was an assault by the Royal Navy on the Spanish port city of Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands. Launched by Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson on 22nd July 1797, the assault was heavily defeated, and on the 25th July the remains of the landing party withdrew under a truce with the […]

Money go round

This follows from the study just published by the media and advertising consulting public media advertising investment in the public sector.  According to the report, the capital of Tenerife is second only to Barcelona, with 4.2 million euros, Madrid, with 4.1, and Valencia, with 1.5 million invested in municipal promotion, 640,000 more than the Las […]

Contador Tour win delivers golden hat-trick for Spanish

The cyclist’s achievement added to Spain’s football World Cup triumph in South Africa a fortnight earlier, and Raphael Nadal’s second Wimbledon tennis crown earlier in the monthIt was a repeat of Spain’s treble success of two summers ago, when Nadal lifted his first Wimbledon title, their footballers won the European Championship for the first time, […]

Bullfighting consigned to history books

Campaigners have been upping their protests by confronting matadors inside the ring as they face the raging bulls. They have even stripped off to stage naked demonstrations. According to its detractors, the traditionalists who enjoy bullfighting are actually practising an outdated and barbaric form of entertainment. Opinion in Spain is split. In some areas, spectator […]

Fabulous hiking on the Canary Islands

The scenery is magnificent, the views are unforgettable and the sense of adventure from exploring the islands is exhilarating. But you need to be prepared in order to enjoy hiking safely. Every year, we hear of people in trouble while hiking or trekking on the islands, sometimes with serious consequences.  Fortunately, many of these situations can […]

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