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Sudoku Solution

   4 1  2  7  9   8  3  5  6  9  6  3  1  4  5  7  2  8  5  8  7  6  3  2  4  1  9  6  3  4  2  5  1  9  8  7  7  9  1  8  6  4  5  3  2  2  5  8  9  7  3  6  4  1 […]

Crossword Solution

Crossword Answers Across: 3. Ebullient 8. Neat 9. Affronts 10. Retold 13. Dunce 14. Pfennig 15. RAF 16. Nonagon 17. Shift 21. Uplift 22. Quibbler 23. Elan 24. Cleansers Down: 1. Intruding 2. Tautening 4. Beady 5. Lift off 6. Idol 7. Nuts 11. Invisible 12. Agitating 14. Pan 15. Roubles 18. Surer 19. Curl […]

News Update

On Monday 18 July, Van Elliot, the impresario and all round entertainer, invited President John Dwyer to Ocean Club in Callao Salvaje to receive a cash donation. Eric Vianna of Vianna Agency had attended a club meeting and learned of our continued work within the community and more especially our handicapped children’s holidays. At the […]

Ethical Financial Advice and Information

The recent past Money in the industrialised economies has never been cheaper, and with a culture of sign and spend rather than save and spend, we have now amassed critical levels of debt. During these last years, the catalogue of corporate greed, fraud and regulatory malaise has left most investors shell shocked and with a […]

Skins, Stilettos and plenty of Soul

For the past five years, he has been gaining valuable experience performing in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Mallorca.Two years ago, Jawara released his first single Don’t Look Any Further written by Dennis Edwards (M People) and for a promotional campaign last year, he recorded Skins & Stilettos which was specially written for him by his […]

Oasis Fm Darts League

Results Cobra Bar B 2-6 ZodiacExiles 2-6 Cobra Bar AF-R-I-E-N-D-S 0-8 VikingMr Booze 3-5 X MenBar el Sol 6-2 Pig in DipAmigos 6-2 Mrs BoozeManneke Pis 1-7 Rocketere     LeaguePd PtsViking 24 21X Men 24 20Cobra Bar A 24 19Rocketere 24 15Exiles 24 14Mr Booze 24 13Amigos 24 13Bar el Sol 24 11Zodiac 24 […]

Winter Gardens Bowling

Monday Singles League – Week 18 Only two games played this week, both catch up games. Surprise of the evening was the defeat of Tony Quinan by Cathie Burgess.ResultsB. Burgess 9-24 T. QuinanC. Burgess 13-12 T. Quinan     League Pl Pts Tony Quinan 16 26Bob Booton  13 22David Playford 14 20Paul Hunt  14 18Brian […]

A thing of the past?

The IRA made its decision after an internal debate prompted by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams’ call to pursue its goals exclusively through politics. During the NI Troubles, the IRA was blamed for about 1,800 murders. A statement issued on Thursday said that this would take effect from 4pm that day "All IRA units have […]

Former US President gives his seal of approval to Tenerife

The conference was organised by SOFITESA, a company set up by the Cabidlo, in conjunction with Santa Cruz city council, Santa Cruz Port Authority and CajaCanarias bank and its main aim was to stress the strategic importance of Tenerife as an Atlantic logistical platform between three continents. At a previous conference which discussed Tenerife as […]

El Medano Triathlon triumph

211 athletes took up the challenge which started at 4pm and 118 made it to the finish line after completing the three sections of swimming, cycling and running. Christian Martin Guerrero was the first male across the finish line and Isora Sosa Caballero was the first female to finish. They were both presented with their […]

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