What caused today’s power outage???

2020/07/15 14:21:35 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

A statement from José Antonio Valbuena, Councilor for Ecological Transition of the Canary Islands Government that the cause of today's power outage is a breakdown in a generator in the Granadilla substation around 9:45am

The problem was not as catastrophic as the one last September and it did not completely paralyze the electrical system, hence the recovery of supply has started more quickly.

According to Endesa data, 50% of customers - more than 200,000 homes - have already recovered their electricity supply, mainly in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, Arona, Guía de Isora, Guímar and Candelaria, and according to their forecasts, they expect fo fully restore power to the rest of the areas between 5pm and 9pm.

The emergency services have received over 1,000 emergency calls today, especially to free people trapped in elevators. The tram network in Santa Cruz had some trams stopped blocking roads and with the failure of traffic lights major disruption was caused in all areas.

Valbuena, who has appeared before journalists along with the Executive's spokesperson, Julio Pérez, and the president of the Tenerife Council, Pedro Martín, has said that all the stations on the island are working - except a part of Granadilla - and announced that It will open another investigation into the causes of the incident and to propose possible sanctions.

"We will act with force," he indicated,  in the next few days he will have a meeting with the Secretary of State for Energy to "plan" the future energy of the Canary Islands because the systems "are fragile and weak ”.

In addition, he commented that the archipelago "has been without energy planning for 15 years" because they have not wanted to make decisions and "to demand" investments, one must first plan, something that the Executive will have next year, since it is already being drafted.

Julio Pérez has admitted the government's “dislike” for this new energy zero in Tenerife - five have accumulated in the last 11 years -

He has refused to resign himself to the fact that this situation is acceptable. "We don't want to get used to it," he said. The spokesperson has now assessed that "the response has been faster" but also "does not compensate," stressing that the alternative systems have worked in hospitals, ports and purification and desalination facilities.