Water treatment plant ready for use

2005/04/29 09:00:00 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife
The project, which has been under construction since 2003, was undertaken in response to the demands of the local farmers and the water treated at the plant will satisfy 33% of the agricultural water needs in the area.  The Canarian Government has financed 1,155,000 of the 4,200,000 euro project and the Cabildo has provided 700,000 euros.The treatment plant, which has four wells, obtains the sea water from a depth of 60 metres and it is them transformed into water suitable for watering crops. The plant will be able to process 4,000m3 of water on a daily basis.  Before the water from the plant can be used, it has to undergo a trial period during which time the wells, sand filters and other systems willbe analysed.