The underwater Atlantic Museum sculptures will remain

2020/06/10 15:23:05 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

The councillor of Art, Culture and Tourism, Benjamin Perdomo, announced at a press conference at the Castillo de San José today (Wednesday), that "There is no question of the removal of the sculptures, We are working with the Yaiza City Council and Costas so that the Museo Atlántico is a free space for public use, but it will no longer have anything to do with our department," he added.

In addition, he criticized the management of the museum by former island president, Pedro San Ginés, by saying "The population should know that it welcomes numerous figures of friends, advisers and people closely related to who was president of the Cabildo de Lanzarote", adding that "who was then president of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Pedro San Ginés, does not want the Atlantic Museum to be discussed so that it is not known what is locked there, both on the surface in the processing of the file, and under the sea, where several of his closest friends and people he trusts, closely linked to the Canary Coalition are immodestly immortalized in statues by Jason deCayres.”

The councillor showed the sculptures of four people from the close surroundings of the former president of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, "in some cases like that of Ignacio Calatayud, with up to four sculptures", and of the former CEO of the Centres, and asked himself what the merits were they had "so that they would be chosen and not other anonymous Lanzarote residents."

There was talk of the sculptures being removed from the waters of Playa Blanca, but they have become a major attraction for divers and have enhanced the diving scene in Lanzarote, so their responsibility will be handed over to someone else in due course.