Two arrested for threatening to kill a neighbour who called the police

2020/11/16 16:44:53 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The National Police have arrested a 21-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman in the municipality of Telde in Gran Canaria, after they were called to a disturbance in the interior patio of a building at 4.00am because several young people were having a party drinking and dancing with no masks on or social distancing, which caused discomfort among the residents of the building.

When the police arrived they saw the group and told them to space out and put masks on so they could follow police procedure, by formally identifying and questioning them. At this point the two in question refused to co-operate with the agents, by shouting, not putting on masks, and generally resisting any co-operation.

At one point the 29 year old woman, threatened to kill the resident who had called the police, so they arrested her with force taking the 21 year old man away as well. The rest of the group were told to disperse and go home immediately, which they did without questioning the officers’ authority, having put their masks on.

After the corresponding police report for disobedience, resistance to arrest and violent threats, the detainees, neither of whom had a previous police record, were placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority awaiting trial.