Three more boats arrive in Gran Canaria during last night

2020/09/15 13:27:10 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

Three boats arrived late last night and during the early hours of this morning at the Arguineguín dock in Gran Canaria, with a total of 54 irregular migrants on board, as reported by the Red Cross.

The first one was at 10:30pm last night, a small boat with four people onboard was retrieved near the island and taken to land, arriving at the port of Arguineguín at around 11pm.

At practically the same time, at around 10:40pm, another notice was received by Maritime Rescue informing them of the location of a dinghy with six people in it, also arriving at the port at 11pm.

Then, this morning at 5:40am hours, another boat was intercepted with 44 migrants on it, who were treated by the Red Cross once at the dock, most of them in good health, although they had to take three of them to health centres for different reasons.

These boats are added to the 10 that arrived during the day yesterday (Monday) in Gran Canaria, with a total of 130 migrants on board, all in good health.