Three dead when a motorcycle knocked over two women in La Orotava

2020/11/22 15:48:24 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Two women and a man were killed yesterday (Saturday) as a result of an accident when two pedestrians were run over by a motorcycle in the Tenerife municipality of La Orotava.

Emergency services has reported that they received an alert at 1.20pm yesterday afternoon, informing of an accident on Camino El Pino resulting in three being injured, two pedestrians and the driver of a motorcycle, after a collision.

They dispatched two SUC ambulances immediately to the scene where paramedics worked to save the lives of the three involved, but to no avail. CECOES has confirmed that he victims are the 40-year-old motorcyclist, and two women, one aged 61 years old, and the other whose age is unknown at the moment.

Police have started an investigation into the cause of the accident, and confirmed that no other vehicles were involved.


Photo of Camino El Pino / Google Earth