Woman hit and threatened with knife by relative in Adeje for money!

2020/06/19 16:29:42 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The National Police has arrested a 22-year-old man in Adeje for hitting and threatening a family member with a kitchen knife, for not lending him money.

The incident occurred at the home of a female relative of the man, who repeatedly asked her for money and, because she refused to give any to him, he began to attack her with the intention of getting the money by forcing her.

The victim was able to run away with blood dripping from her face from where he had hit her, being chased by her attacker, who was brandishing a large kitchen knife.

A neighbour called the National Police who were on the scene in minutes, and witnessed the chase. The man, noticing their presence, tried to get rid of the knife by throwing it away, but it was recovered quickly by the police.

After interviewing the victim and requesting assistance for her injuries, they proceeded to arrest the man who was taken to the National Police headquarters.

He has a previous police record, and is being charged as the perpetrator of a crime of robbery with violence committed in Adeje.