Covid update: Tenerife's still epicentre with 74% of new cases and one death

2020/11/26 08:01:23 Written by Canarian Weekly National

In recent weeks, voices have increased demanding stronger measures in Tenerife in the face of the “non-compliance of a part of the population” and the “failure of the tracking systems,” and they are asking where the trackers are, if they are carrying out their function efficiently, and saying that "military professionals are required for this task."

Even under a red traffic light, the island continues without stopping the volume of infections over the last two months, despite the fact that the regional government implemented a series of more restrictive measures, including reducing the maximum number of people allowed to meet to six whether in family gatherings, in public spaces or private, closed or outdoors, except in the case of cohabiting; as well as recommended less mobility, leaving the home only when necessary, and avoiding closed spaces in which activities incompatible with the use of a mask or in which many people attend.

In the field of hotel and catering, the complete closure of establishments was brought forward to 11:00pm, and the permitted capacity was reduced to a maximum occupancy of a third indoors and 50% on terraces, with a maximum of two people allowed at the bar, and with a distance of two metres between groups, maximum six people per table and with a distance of at least two meters between adjacent chairs and tables. These restrictions also apply to outdoor terraces, where a maximum occupancy of half the capacity is allowed, and smoking is prohibited.

The red traffic light and extra restrictions are currently in place until December 4th, but will be reviewed again to either extend the period or increase the resttrictions if data doesn't improve.

Wednesday 25th November 2020:
New cases last 24 hours:
Total: 151
Tenerife: 112 (74%)
Gran Canaria: 24 (16%)
Fuerteventura: 9
La Gomera: 4
Lanzarote: 2
La Palma: 0
El Hierro: 0

Current Incidence rate (IA7):
Canary Islands: 39.24
Tenerife: 66.79
Lanzarote: 22.33
Gran Canaria: 19.15
Fuerteventura: 18.i2
La Gomera: 13.95
El Hierro: 18.23
La Palma: 9.68

Covid patients in hospital: 200 (-27)
Covid patients in ICU: 38 (-1)
Home isolation: 4,073

Deaths last 24 hours: 1
Tenerife: 1 (183)
Total deaths: 329

Medical Discharges:
Total: 209
Gran Canaria: 187 (89%)
Fuerteventura: 18
Lanzarote: 3
Tenerife: 1
La Palma: 0
La Gomera: 0
El Hierro: 0

Total Active cases per island:
Total: 4,238 (-96)
Tenerife: 2,702 (+72)
Gran Canaria: 1,403 (-158)
Fuerteventura: 53 (-16)
Lanzarote: 57 (-)
La Palma: 13 (+3)
La Gomera: 8 (+2)
El Hierro: 2 (+1)

Municipalities with most active cases in each island:
1,214 in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
1,105 in Santa Cruz (Tenerife)
832 in La Laguna (Tenerife)
130 in Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife)
97 in Arona (Tenerife)
95 in Adeje (Tenerife)
86 in Puerto de La Cruz (Tenerife)
64 in Los Realejos (Tenerife)
48 in Arrecife (Lanzarote)
38 in Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura)
27 in San Miguel de Abona (Tenerife)