The more you take, the better the return

2018/10/05 10:34:02 Written by Canarian Weekly Business
[caption id="attachment_43718" align="alignleft" width="150"] 26369149 - senior business manager - woman - working as adviser.[/caption] LIBERTY Seguros, the expats' No.1 choice for insurance, is offering more discounts to existing and new customers, through a new Cashback promotion, from now until 20th December 2018. To continue its loyalty to existing customers, for every new car or home policy taken out, you will receive a 60-euro Cashback, so you'll receive 120 euros for just two new policies. Also, there is no limit on the number of policies taken out. So if you own, say, two or three cars, and more than one home, customers can get a 60-euro Cashback for every new policy contracted. Moreover, existing customers will benefit from an additional customers' discount. New clients are not forgotten, either. They will get a 30-euro Cashback on their first policy, for car or home insurance, and 60 euros for each subsequent policy taken out. This could amount  to a 90-euro Cashback for just two policies, and even more if they have more cars or homes. Incredibly, there is no limit on Cashback, whether you’re an existing or new customer, so it’s the perfect time to switch your insurances to Liberty Seguros.You'll save money, and put more towards your Christmas presents! The main condition applicable is that premiums are paid by direct debit, and that your refund is credited to that same bank account. For convenience, payments can be set up in Spain, or in your home-country bank account, as long as it is within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) zone. Customers must be aware that these offers are not for renewals or replacements. They apply only to new comprehensive car and home insurances. In some cases, minimum premiums will apply, for customers to be eligible for the Cashback. Some other conditions may apply. Liberty Seguros continues its commitment to reward loyalty to its valued, existing customers. And it is doing its utmost to offer the best service and price possible. Over 175,000 expat clients already choose Liberty as their insurance provider. And this figure grows almost every day, because of the excellent service and quality of cover received by clients. In order to achieve this, and to assist those who prefer a more personalised service, and a face-to-face chat, Liberty Seguros has an extensive network of 300 brokers and agents, all dedicated to providing unbiased, friendly, expert advice. These brokers and agents, speaking your own language, will be pleased to advise you. With insurance, not only for car and home, but also life, pet, business, commercial, leisure, public liability, personal injury insurance and funeral plans, Liberty Seguros, today, is considered the expat’s No.1 choice in Spain. To find out more, visit Or simply call 91 342 25 49.