Spanish airports ready for new legislation requiring test results from tomorrow

2020/11/22 11:42:31 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Spanish airports are prepared for the new resolution from the Government, starting tomorrow (Monday), which requires a negative PCR test result carried out in the 72 hours prior to arrival in the country for all passengers coming from countries considered as risk areas. Plus they are ready to perform antigen tests on those who don’t have one, and they will be exposed to a fine.

Passengers arriving at the airports have to go to control windows, where there are signs with “Foreign Health Authority” displayed, and where members of the Health Department will be in charge of receiving the PCR certificate that they have brought with them. Health controls upon arrival in Spain are mandatory, so refusing to do so can result in a sanction, whether a fine or police intervention.

In the event that travellers don’t have one with them, for which they may be penalized if they can’t give a justifiable reason, they will have to take an antigen test at the airports themselves, where they will obtain the test result within approximately one hour. To do this, waiting areas have been set up, one for before taking the test and another to wait for the result; a series of rooms in which the medical personnel will carry out the tests, and another isolation space for people who test positive in this antigen test.

In addition, a new secondary control point has been arranged so that, if there is any type of documentation to be completed, it can be done there with the help of specialized personnel.

If the passenger tests negative for the antigens, they will be able to continue their trip normally, but if they test positive, the health alert protocols established in coordination with the autonomous communities will be activated, in order to be referred to a health centre.

Lastly, the health control form, which all travellers must complete before entering Spain, will now include a question about whether they have a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to arrival in the country. The document must be original, written in Spanish or English, and in paper or electronic format.

In the event that the form could not be completed electronically, through the QR code generated through the website or the SpTH mobile app, it may be submitted in paper format, in which case it will have to be accompanied by the original document certifying the completion of the diagnostic test.

Passengers who show their negative PCR may leave the airport unless the temperature or documentary controls detect any symptoms or suspicion of Covid-19, in which case they will have to undergo a rapid antigen test at the same airport.

The significant drop in traffic at airports due to Covid and the fact that passengers are usually very well informed of the requirements they need before travelling, suggests that all operations can be carried out quite normally.

This measure is in addition to the controls that are currently being carried out on all international passengers at the entry points to contain the coronavirus pandemic, in such a way that temperature control, visual control and documentary control (the health control form) are maintained, according to the regulations established by the Ministry of Health of the Spanish central Government.

In addition, airports will continue to remind you over the public address system, and with illuminated signs, of the need to wear a mask at all times and comply with the hygienic measures required by the health authorities.