The simple protector to slow the spread of viruses on planes

2020/06/17 11:29:10 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

It is a personal protective shield easily attachable to the seat that would avoid having to remove or disable the seat in the middle, a cheap and transparent polycarbonate design presented by a British company could be implemented in a few weeks.

One of the great debates that has arisen when travelling by plane in recent months has evolved, and continues to do so, around the safety distance between passengers. From the first moment, airlines warned of the economic infeasibility of carrying out commercial flights with aircraft cabins half empty, so the decision of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), made public in mid-May, not requiring them to leave empty seats, was very well received by them.

However, administrations and organizations, among them Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), recommend the physical distance as long as the occupation of the apparatus permits, and implementation of various measures in order to limit, as much as possible, personal interaction and avoid spreading of infections.

However, after Covid-19, travellers are reluctant to return to travel by plane, so many companies in the sector have carried out projects aimed at making the cabin a safer place. This is the case of RAS Completions, a British company who specialize in aircraft interior design, which has just presented a simple contraption that could slow the spread of coronavirus on board.

It is a personal protective shield, easily attachable to plane seats, so that travellers are more protected, which would avoid having to remove or disable the centre chair.

Made of transparent polycarbonate, it can be attached to the back and sides of any seat, except for those located next to the emergency exit, or those occupied by people with disabilities, or on those with tables in the arms. According to its creators, its simplicity does not detract from its effectiveness, and it could be implemented almost immediately, in the next few weeks, if it receives the go-ahead from the European aviation authorities.

Its advantages include:

- Its low price.
- Ease of installation and removal.
- It can be used without affecting the flight experience.
- It does not reduce the width of the aisle or make sitting or getting up difficult.
- It keeps the folding table and reclining seats perfectly operational.
- It is easy to clean.

While it is true that the prototype does not prevent contact with the passenger next to you, the creators have ensured that the design is backed by doctors from the UK. The screen has been conceived to avoid the transmission of droplets from person to person, therefore, used together with other measures such as masks and hand gel, it is an interesting temporary solution to consider.