Sex offender tried in court twice in one week for rape and prostitution

2020/07/13 16:11:57 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The Court for Violence against Women of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has opened a judicial proceeding against Mohamed Oumar Abderrahman, for the alleged crimes of coercive prostitution and habitual mistreatment.

This accusation arose after a complaint filed by a minor who alleged that the investigated made her believe that they were a couple, and then forced her to practice prostitution in a place that he himself runs, called the Black & White Shisha Club.

What is unusual about this case is that the same man was sentenced last week, on July 9th, to five years in prison for having sexually abused another minor, in the bathroom of said establishment in June 2018.

Auxiliary Magistrate Díaz Velázquez issued an urgent restraining order to prohibit Mohamed Oumar Abderrahman from approaching or communicating with the victim, forbidding him to leave the island, and he has had to appear in court every two weeks on the 1st and 15th of each month during the court proceedings.

According to the complainant, Abderrahman ran a network of prostitution of young girls and was a member of a criminal organization. The young woman stated that she met him because she frequently went to his club, the Black & White Shisha Club on Calle Luis Morote Street in Las Palmas, and that over time; they began a relationship despite the fact that she was a minor and he was 36 years old, married with children.

During June, Abderrahman convinced her to practice prostitution upstairs on his premises, allegedly threatening to tell her parents and her friends if she didn’t be quiet and get on with it. The clients were sought by Abderrahman, who kept a part of the money she earned.

She also stated that Abderrahman forced her to make a video to promote herself to get new clients, and even assaulted her several times when he was not satisfied with the sexual service she provided or she did not adopt protective measures.

The minor explained that of her clients, some were teenage boys and others were legal age, and she gave copies of WhatsApp conversations to the judicial authority, where Abderrahman urged her to send photos to the boys with whom she had sexual relations in exchange for money.

Lastly, she reported that there were more minor victims who were also forced by Abderrahman to prostitute themselves and that they were both Canarians and foreigners.

When Mohamed Oumar Abderrahman was called to testify, he simply denied all the facts denounced but did admit, in a vague and contradictory statement in the judge's opinion, that he had maintained close contacts with the complainant, but without admitting that he made her believe that they were a couple.

The investigation remains open to locate more alleged victims.

Tried in court twice in a week:

In just one week, Mohamed Oumar Abderrahman had to appear twice before the judicial authority. On the 8th, he was tried and sentenced for sexually abusing a minor in his shisha club, while the next day, the Auxiliary Judge Díaz considered that there were rational indications of the alleged crimes of coercive prostitution of minors and habitual mistreatment.

It so happens that Mohamed Oumar Abderrahman admitted having sexually abused a girl under the age of 14 at the Black & White Shisha Club II on Wednesday 8th July, and accepted a sentence of five years in prison and compensation of 10,000 euros.

The events took place on June 3rd 2018, when the minor went to the shisha club. Once inside, the accused, who lives in mainland Spain with his wife and children, spoke to the young woman who told him that she was 14 years old,  and he kissed her. He invited her to meet him "in the men's room", to which the young woman agreed.

When the minor entered the bathroom, the defendant was waiting, she told him that she did not want to do anything sexual, but even so, he took her to the toilet, closed the door, placed her against the wall, and proceeded to have sex with her against her will.